Local artist to bring White Night style projections to St Kilda

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Local artist Victor Holder is hard at work on a project that will see facades of St Kilda’s iconic landmarks come to life with mapped projections of sea life. Victor Holder’s public art project was made possible by funding granted by the City of Port Phillip in conjunction with the Vibrant Acland Street Seed Grant.He is currently looking to raise more funding for the project.

St Kilda Sea Life Visual?will be an evolved spectacular of his previous mapping projection over St Kilda’s iconic sculptures and landmarks. This year’s displays will be inspired by the present marine life and natural beauty within the Port Phillip Council.

Victor’s intention with his latest project is to promote local environmental awareness and connect transients with an entertaining, visually delightful and responsive art form, simulating nature as a sentient being.

The project is an interactive art form, using colour and movement to engage locals and visitors to play and experience, with a meaningful message of awareness attached to the interaction. The Acland St. Plaza will be displaying ‘St Kilda’s Sea Life Visual’ on the June 2, 2017 World Environment Day.

Victor Holder is an established Multidisciplinary Public Artist, working and living within St Kilda for the last 17 years. He is the founder of 4Dverse Hub & Creative Gallery, which hosts space to many conceptual programs and artistic displays located in Carlisle Street, St Kilda.

Victor’s public art service sees him actively engaging and exploring ideas relating to the preservation of the environment, encouraging social awareness through grounded approaches that benefit the community. He has extensive experience in the public art realm, producing interactive installations, animations, visual projections, sculpture and large painted displays.

Mr Holder explains, “I will use 3 projectors mapped to the round shape of the umbrellas canopies’ roof. The source with be from a computer and the visuals will be responsive to motion via a Kinect camera.”

“I will need more funding for the creation of this unique, first time visual display in St Kilda. I’ll be looking for more funding sources or?major?Title Sponsorship?to cover the total?cost of this complex?project”

“I believe the potential sponsor would also share the same values in regards to environmental awareness and community benefit, showcasing this display through sponsorship would reflect highly upon their business or organisation,” Mr Holder said.

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