Live n’ Local (St Kilda Festival)

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Wednesday 6th February

  • Life Saving Victoria’s Summer Surf Slam
    Time: 5:30pm – 8:30pm
    Where: St Kilda Beach (in front of St Kilda Life Saving Club)
    Life Saving Victoria’s elite athletes will hit St Kilda Beach on Wed 6 Feb to showcase an exciting mix of beach and surf events. It will be an action packed evening, with athletes demonstrating the skills they need to patrol beaches in hotly contested competitions.
  • Boorun’s Canoe Launch
    Time: 6:00pm
    Where: Readings St Kilda
    Join us for the launch of ‘Boonrun’s Canoe: A journey of connection to past and present,’ published by Musuem Victoria Publishing.
  • Ella Hooper plays The Writing’s On The Wall
    Where: Pure Pop
    Ella Hooper plays The Writing’s On The Wall by Destiny’s Child as part of Pure Pop’s Summer of Classic Albums.
  • Candice Monique and the Optics
    Time: 7:00pm
    Where: Republica
    Candice Monique is a talented and unique artist whose individual vocal and lyrical style fuses soul, neo-soul, jazz, RnB, funk, blues, folk and spoken word.
  • Spear Brittany
    Time: 8:00pm
    Where: Elephant & Wheelbarrow
    Spear Brittany formed in May of 2012, and with a huge year ahead Spear Brittany are bringing a new sound to your eager ears that will get the audience moving.
  • Nicolette Forte and Friends
    Time: 8:00pm
    Where: Laika
    Together with her band of friends, Nicolette Forte drums up the perfect musical storm with songs of love and life. Nicolette intones her sweet melodies with a soulful voice, which is infused with vital rhythms from percussionists Chris Brooker and Kevin Etcell and embellished by Duncan Yardley’s emotive fiddle playing.
  • Baberaham Lincoln
    Time: 8:00pm
    Where: St Kilda Sports Club
    Baberaham Lincoln specialise in writing melodic, sarcastic, offensive acoustic rock. Each Baberaham Lincoln show is unique with improvisation and keeping the audience captivated. The only thing funnier than their lyrics is the banter between songs.
  • 4000 Miles by Amy Herzog
    Time: 8:00pm
    Where: Red Stitch Actors Theatre
    Sympathetic and wonderfully antagonistic, Leo and his grandmother challenge and discover their disparate understanding of the world in a powerful, surprising and affecting work that has been established as one of the best plays of 2012.
  • Pretty Dulcie
    Time: 9:00pm
    Where: Elephant & Wheelbarrow
    The dark sound of Pretty Dulcie was shaped and refined by the collective synergy of its members, propelled by an emotional and musical connection that is evident in its live performances.
  • Return To Youth
    Time: 9:00pm
    Where: Veludo
    Return To Youth are an irrepressibly-catchy alternative-pop trio consisting of Marites, Matt and Alan, who play original, melodic creations using fresh, vibrant shapes and rhythms that come straight from the heart.
  • Spacecadet Lullabies
    Time: 9:00pm
    Where: Iddy Biddy
    Spacecadet Lullabies is Matt Lewin, an electronic music producer and guitarist based in Melbourne. Matt uses a range of stringed and percussion instruments from South-East Asia, electric guitars, voices, electronic production and samples from his kitchen to create his pieces.
  • Ryan Coffey
    Time: 9:00pm
    Where: St Kilda Sports Club
    Armed with only a guitar, a loop pedal, his howling voice and the gut-wrenching, face-melting observational honesty of a seasoned stand-up, Ryan Coffey creates rock comedy anthems live before your eyes.
  • The Scarlets
    Time: 10:00pm – 10:45pm
    Where: Elephant & Wheelbarrow
    Taking the raw, combustible energy of bands such as The Hives, Turbonegro and The Distillers, throwing in the pop sensibilities of Cheap Trick and adding an over-the-top stage show that boasts more Swarovski crystals and stage lights than deemed acceptable for any rock n roll band, it is safe to say that there simply is no other band like The Scarlets.
  • Lauren Elizabeth
    Time: 10:00pm
    Where: Veludo
    Lauren Elizabeth is a buzzing soul act formed in late 2010 around Lauren’s long-lived career as a covers singer. Her original work represents a blend of her own writing and that of various artists and songwriters around town.
  • Brooklyn’s Finest
    Time: 10:00pm
    Where:St Kilda Sports Club
    Brooklyn’s Finest are a five-piece, female fronted indie/funk band, based in the bayside suburbs of Melbourne, the idea for which was born one day whilst Brooklyn (who was drinking a pina colada) found herself caught in the rain. Quickly realising that neither the creamy cocktail nor the rainy day appealed to her, she decided to start a band.
  • Second Hand Heart
    Time: 10:30pm
    Where: Vineyard
    Melbourne based indie rock band Second Hand Heart are known for their lush harmonies, musicianship and talent for exploring light and shade.

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