Live Music Rave

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Hey folks,

Kimba Swinton here,

Just spreading some live music lovin’ from around St Kilda and Southside.

September has been an exciting month for local live music and it’s only going to get better now with winter over for another year and punters getting out and into it.

Burn In Hell recently returned to St Kilda from months of touring in Europe. They played their first show back in Melbourne at the revamped Ding Dong Lounge for their new album ‘Dr Awkward’ and also an intimate show at The Lyrebird Lounge in Ripponlea.

Cold Harbour joined Bitter Sweet Kicks for a secret show at St Kilda Bowls Club.

The BSK lads have also just landed back home after some great shows in France, Germany and the U.K. Their first show back was with Vice Grip Pussies at Cherry Bar for their shared red vinyl 7 inch record.

The night went off with a twin stage, song for song onslaught.

The Patron Saints finished their seven month Tuesday night residency at Cherry Bar with swagger and style befitting the rock’n’roll gentlemen that they are.

Electric Mary have also returned from O/S and kicked out a rockin’ set at the Espy on Sept 22 with Destroy She Said, Virtue and Slow Chase.

After some more Melbourne shows Electric Mary will be back in France for Halloween.

It’s great to see local bands getting such a positive response from overseas.

Pretty Dulcie played Cherry Bar and The Vineyard and have a new EP coming out soon.

I’ve enjoyed catching some acoustic gigs from songwriters such as Kim Volkman, Paul Conroy and Nicolette Forte. It’s fantastic to see venues such as The Vineyard, Pure Pop, Dogs Bar, Veludo and The Lyrebird Lounge supporting this and not always reaching for covers or an ipod. There’s an honesty in stripping songs back to a voice and a guitar and hearing the songwriter themselves perform it.

Great to see Burn In Hell back at the Lyrebird amongst many other great acts such as Spencer P. Jones, 12FU, The Patron Saints, Bitter Sweet Kicks, Vice Grip Pussies, Smokin’ Martha and Seedy Jeezus.

Citizen have just finished their Thursday night residency at The Vineyard, nice one lads, been to them all.

The Prince Of Wales had its downstairs bandroom launch last month and are almost ready to load up the live music. I hear a little more sound proofing is needed before they chalk up Fred and Steve’s boards.

The next Day By The Green is approaching fast and the line up is awesome. The bands start at 3pm and feature Harry Howard & The N.D.E, Billy Pommer Jr & The Guilty Plea, The Mercy Kills, Neon & Venom, Cold Harbour, Seedy Jeezus, Burn In Hell, Space Echo, Kids In Cults and Dial Me For Murder.

This will be the eighth D.B.T.G and is once again being held at the St Kilda Bowls Club on Saturday October 13.

The Mercy Kills join forces with Doll Squad on Oct 31st at Cherry Bar for CHERRYWEEN #3.

Don’t forget to visit your local record store such as Pure Pop Records on Barkly Street and Paradise Records on Chapel Street. There’s plenty of local releases mixed in with all the other great music.

Get it on and see you out there.


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