Liv on the edge of success

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by Dave Kastner

Liv Cartledge, a singer/songwriter born and bred in Beechworth but now a St Kilda local, is literally on a road to discovery. A semi-finalist in the Telstra Road to Discovery, a nationwide grassroots talent development program that connects emerging songwriters with the music industry’s most influential figures, she recently gained huge exposure when she appeared on Australia’s longest running TV show Neighbours singing her beautiful song ‘Please Stop Messing Around’.

It was a lucky break for the 18 year old. A friend of hers works as a director for Neighbours and needed a young girl for the background of a scene but Liv’s natural talent shone through and they ended up casting her as herself and featuring a song of her choice. Please Stop Messing Around was actually the first song she ever wrote and it showcases her gorgeous unique vocals and storytelling ability perfectly.

Music has been a part of Liv’s life for as long as she can remember as her dad was a musician and she would join in singing. It wasn’t until she was 10 years old that she started playing guitar and really got into music, busking on the streets of Beechworth and writing her own songs.

Her uncle started making guitars two years ago and recently made one for her which she describes as “the most beautiful instrument ever made with love, it’s just the best”.

Liv Cartledge

Liv Cartledge

Liv was excited to be selected as the wild card semi-finalist for the Telstra Road to Discovery competition. She would be excused for feeling nervous, as the 1st prize is worth about $100,000 and includes a trip to the USA and national publicity, but she is genuinely really looking forward to it. Recently the semi-finalists went on a week-long camp where they got to hang out and write songs.

Liv draws on her life experiences of living in a small country town and St Kilda for her lyrics and is inspired by storytelling Australian artists like Paul Kelly and Missy Higgins. She never plans to write a song, rather she just waits till they naturally “Just happen”. Her songs really draw you into her world with their emotion and soul combined with mature melodies that belie her age. She has formed a band of “absolute legends” consisting of drums, bass, keyboards and another guitarist and they have begun to play at festivals.

Liv’s passion for a career in song writing is clear and she says she wants to write and perform music for the rest of her life, “It’s my plan A and there’s no plan B”.

St Kilda News wishes Liv Cartledge all the best for this month’s semi-finals on October 16! Go Liv!
Her single ‘Please Stop Messing Around’ is available on iTunes and Bandcamp.

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