Linden Postcard Show 2015

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By Jo Harkin


The Linden Postcard Show is a much-loved St Kilda institution. It attracts a diverse mix of artists, ranging form hobbyists to emerging and established artists. The only restriction for entrants is that all work must be exactly 8×10 inches in size. On 18 September, Linden New Art proudly opened the 26th annual Linden Postcard Show. Over 900 visitors attended the opening to celebrate the artists in this year’s show. The evening was filled with excitement as hundreds of people buzzed about the crowded galleries to view the 2015 entries.

The winner of the major prize of $5,000 was Robert Fenton. Robert lives in Frankston South and originally hails from Coffs Harbour. The four judges selected his work, In The Old Days, Delivery of Contemporary Art Was A Hazardous Profession, 2015. The small black-and-white oil painting depicts a man struggling against a raging sea, not aided in any way by the enormous contemporary art sculpture weighing down his tiny boat. Robert has had a busy year, recently winning the Sunshine Coast Art Prize for his work, Item# 1770, Florilegium, 2015 and taking on the ambitious project of photographing people from Coffs Harbour, then reproducing the photographs in pastels in a large-scale documentation depicting the people of that area. The culminating exhibition, Happy Kleptomaniac, 2015, can be seen at The Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery until 30 October.

Lithuanian born, Elwood artist, Luka Vaitkeviciene won the Member for Albert Park Local Artist Award. The winning work, Conversation, 2015 will be reproduced as a greeting card for Minister Martin Foley’s use throughout the year. Luka says nature, cities and the people she meets inspire her and her bright and lively blog is filled with illustrations of anthropomorphised animals. When asked who her favourite artists are, she says, “It changes over time. As a teenager I was crazy about Gustav Kilmt, now I couldn’t say I have a favourite… although I recently discovered Katherine Dossmann Casallas, so I think she’ll be my favourite for this week.” Luka has entered the Postcard Show twice and enjoys the locality of Linden as she finds that many of the other galleries she likes to visit are on the other side of the city.

Gallery Director, Melinda Martin says she loves “the lively conversations that take place between family and friends as they explore the show and vote for their favourite artists.” Linden encourages people to come and visit the gallery to see if they agree with the judges’ selection of winners by voting for their favourite artist in the Yarra Trams People’s Choice Award, which will be announced at the conclusion of the exhibition. The Linden Postcard Show will be open until 21 November and all works are for sale.


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