Life could be a dream sh-boom

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By: Alen Brbutovic

In dreams we see and do various things and go to various places. Upon waking up, or when we open our eyes, we immediately believe that we have not done anything or gone anywhere though. It was a dream. Who can guarantee that life is not a dream? In this case, just as we experience our dreams as real and only realise that it was a world of fancy when we awake, we cannot claim that what we experience when awake is real. So it is entirely probable that we may well at any time be awoken from our life on earth. We have no evidence with which to deny it. On the contrary, the findings of modern science raise serious doubts about the assertion that what we experience in our daily lives has actual existence.

Someone who hears this for the first time is likely to react in the following way: “I hold with my hand, see with my eyes, so they all exist,” yet one should also think about the following: in dreams, that person also holds with his hand, sees with his eyes and even experiences everything as if everything were real. He enjoys, feels fear and pain, takes pleasure… yet, he suddenly wakes up realising that it was only a dream. This is exactly the nature of the life in this world. One day man will wake up from this life as if from a dream and he will face real life.

In truth, every individual is enclosed within his own image that is presented to him by his

senses. Everyone has his own world and in this world it is unlikely for anyone to know what others experience or see. Furthermore, one can never know if others see anything or not. That is because, like every other thing, people too are images perceived within his world

(brain). This is actually the most important secret of your life.

All perceptions of the room we are in, for instance, are transformed into electrical signals and transmitted to our brain, the sensations transmitted to the brain are then interpreted as the image of the room. In other words, you are, in truth, not inside the room you assume you are in, on the contrary, the room is inside you.

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