Life as Art

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I wandered through the Gallery of Modern Art just recently.  It was my Dads birthday, and when a new show comes up we like to pretend we are sophisticated and we dress up, take a day off and delight the senses with strange portrayals of the mindsets of other people. Bizarre really, spending the day interpreting the thoughts of other people, whilst trying to give your own perspective. The exhibition on hand was the Surrealist exhibition, thrown in was a little bit of Dadaism, both quite unconventional in their forms, yet highly entertaining and expressive. It made me think (shock) of arts relationship to my life.

I remember Dadaism was my favorite form of art in high school.  Messy and aggressive strokes, rebellious in form, loud, with a silent and dark undertone, which somehow expressed freedom…. Very similar I guess to how I felt in those years.  By definition Dadaism was a revolt against traditional 20th century painters against the smugness in traditional art. “Their works, illustrating absurdity through paintings of purposeless machines and collages of discarded materials, expressed their cynicism about conventional ideas of forms and their rejection of traditional concepts of beauty”. A little like St Kilda I guess….

As an art form it progressed into surrealism, a softer, more dreamlike idea of expression and imagination: (SURREALISM, n. Psychic automatism in its pure state, by which one proposes to express the actual functioning of thought, in the absence of any control exercised by reason, exempt from any aesthetic or moral concern.)

And funnily enough, after my own revolt against humanity in my early teen years, my take on life became more dreamlike, softer edges, less aggression, more imagination.  My life seemed to be unfolding on itself like the art world, like a beautiful piece of art on a never ending canvas… oh how poetic.

That’s where St Kilda seems to fit in on the world canvas I have seen. From my perspective it is a creative picture of collage, paint, mess and colour. It expresses, releases, understands and encourages.  A jumble of the rebellion of Dadaism, the dreamstate of surrealism, the confusion of abstract and even on weekends some cheesy bright Pop, entertaining us and moving us forward… I really do love this place.

Im not sure what style I’m in now.. I guess the exciting thing is you can just make it up as you go along. I’m certain there will be moments of angelic realism as well as some futuristic modernism , so long as I skip the weird ‘mother’ issues artists like Picasso had, Im happy to paint and get messy. Really really messy.  Enjoying all the different strokes and interpretations people have to offer….. so remember St Kilda kids… when you come into town to play, don’t forget your paint brush… although, knowing the crowd this place attracts, I’m sure someone will lend you one if you do.


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