Learn to Program

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By: Blake Nunan

When I was 9 years old I always wanted to be able to program, and that dream came true later that year, in 2012, when I ordered a raspberry pi.  A raspberry pi is a computer that is aimed to teach you how to program. First I used scratch to program and make programs and then I sold the programs – I earnt a bit of money. I recommend that you download scratch if you want to learn to program and you have never done it before. I am currently reading magazines that have python code, ada and c, I might even start trying to program using python and then I might try java. If you want to program but not use scratch to start with you can, I just recommend scratch for starters. Try any coding that you want but remember to not use java on python, just remember that: If you want more language info try searching on wiki, Scratch is a drag and drop programming tool, Python is programming with code, it’s just more basic than java and ada, Ada is just like c but more difficult, and Java (I don’t know much about it).

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