Lava in Balaclava Expansion

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Lava welcomes one and all with open arms and with the expansion into next door;  Lava’s dynamic new staff and enviable improved amenities make the latest version, the revitalised Lava in Balaclava, a venue well worth a visit.

The new expanded Lava in Balaclava continues to offer good food at competitive prices, coupled with cost efficient and speedy service. The comprehensive and consistently good menu has earned Lava a sterling reputation over the years. Great coffee must always accompany sensational food and the hand-picked, award-winning roaster, Veneziano really pulls its weight here.

The Veneziano brand of coffee, with a great selection of single origins and blends, appears to be the perfect choice. Confirming the high standard Lava expects of its coffee, the Brazil Rainha is the most popular of the single origin of choice – this blend comes highly recommended by head barista Georgia. Lava in Balaclava now features a regularly changing series of exciting single origins, characterised by seasonal beans. The coffee spans both venues and the passionate baristas work tirelessly to provide consistent taste day and night.

One is met with a completely different feel when passing through into the new section with its sleek, sharp contemporary design, offering a complete decor contrast and with the original. Lava part two has its own bar and coffee machine, for a quick ‘mac’ drinker or a languid latte aficionado. This new section also leads into an elegant courtyard area that takes full advantage of the Melbourne winter sun.


Lava in Balaclava

219 Carlisle Street, Balaclava

Open 7 days – Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Ph: (03) 9527 2205

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