Knitting with Mila

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By Mary McConville

You don’t have to be a little old lady like Miss Marple to be good at knitting. One of our volunteers (Mila) here at St Kilda News has put together a very good collection of knitted pieces (pictured) for our May edition.

These complicated pieces are not put together according to the popular patterns on sale but are personally designed by Mila. They use a variety of knitting stitches –  stocking stitch, ribbing, cable stitch and others that I have never seen before and do not know the name for. I’m still trying to work out how Mila put together the waffle patterned squares.

My favourite piece is the hip length coat in creamy wool with a black ruffled trim. The whole coat consists of orderly, lined rows of lacy fans and would be suitable wear for a warm autumn day or a cool summer evening.

If you would also like to keep your canine companion warm and snug there is a simple dog coat. It is mostly plain stocking stitch with ribbing for the forepaws, at the base and on the turtle neck. Except for the decorative bone it is very similar to a human sweater (dog sized).

The most intriguing piece for the knitting enthusiast is the jacket that is a complicated mixture of textures and colours. The base of the jacket is built of waffle patterned squares with zigzag edging. Over this is stitched a variety of multicoloured, scalloped flowers. I think the wearer would have to be tall and striking to carry off its “look at me” style.

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