Keeping the streets clean

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By Mary McConville


With the warm winds of spring there comes an uncontrollable urge – to spring clean.  We can get rid of the broken furniture, the stained carpet and any old bit of hard rubbish that has been collecting dust in odd corners. It may be called hard rubbish because it is so hard to dispose of it. Food scraps can go to animals or onto the compost heap. Clean, old clothes can go to Op Shops. Containers and wrappings can go into the rubbish bin or recyclables, but where do we put the broken chairs?

St Kilda’s Mayor Amanda Stevens has asked locals not to dump this awkward rubbish on the street but to use the Council’s green and hard rubbish collection service. It’s free and locals can book the collection for any time that is convenient for them. The Council has been using the booking system for the last 10 years, after receiving good feedback from locals.

Single residences can book up to 4 collections each year. Multi unit dwellings can combine and book six collections.

Not all of the rubbish ends up in landfill. The Council runs a recycling scheme and 60 to 70 percent of the material collected is successfully recycled. It even generates a little income, occasionally.

Mayor Stevens said that “Last year the City of Port Phillip collected 51 tonnes of hard rubbish each month with 155 tonnes collected over spring from 2350 reported cases of illegal dumping.”

Dumping rubbish is illegal. You can end up with a fine of up to $8857. Taking other people’s rubbish is also illegal. Though there is some social acceptance if browsers take an occasional piece it is technically theft. The rubbish on the street belongs to the Council and they hold the ownership of the rubbish and the responsibility to remove it.

Mayor Stevens reminds us that “We want to make sure our City is beautiful and vibrant as it can be and to do that we need to reduce rubbish whenever possible.”

Mayor Stevens went on to say “ By making a booking, rubbish collection is not only  quicker and cheaper, it also means unsightly and potentially environmentally damaging rubbish stays off our streets and out of our parks.”


If you would like more information about this and would also like to make a booking  go to

If you are aware of any illegal dumping call ASSIST on (03) 9209 6777 or visit


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