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By: Tamara

Hey, my name is Tamara and I am currently a part owner of my favourite St. Kilda cafe called ‘Nineteen Squares’.   I have worked at the cafe for about three years now and a little while ago received the opportunity to buy a small portion of it, which I did!   It’s such a great part of the community where the staff know pretty much all the customers names by heart (including their favourite coffee and even what their kids are up to at school or how their pets are).   Recently my Nineteen Squares business partner (who has a bigger share of the company) and his wife found out they were pregnant with their second child and as his other three restaurants are booming he no longer has the time to put into our little haven of community driven cafe awesomeness.   As such he is looking at selling the remaining share in the cafe.   So my options are to either (a) try my hardest to get everyone together so we can keep Nineteen Squares going or (b) it could end up in the really sad position where some corporate sees an opportunity to turn it into a Gloria Jeans or Starbucks type spot.   Basically, the other day a customer came in who knew of the situation and suggested I look at Pozible (as after buying the first portion of the business we cannot currently afford the remainder).   The idea was that if we got X people to all donate $50-100 we might have a fighting chance at keeping Nineteen Squares local and part of the iconic St. Kilda landscape.

Whether its $1 or a bit more, please help us so we can preserve our little slice of heaven and continue to serve delicious coffee and smiles to not just the local community but the wider world!!

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