Just Look

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12pm – 4pm, Saturday 9 March
South Beach Reserve, St Kilda

‘Just Look’ is a new Council-run campaign to help beach users share paths and public spaces on Port Phillip’s beaches.

After conducting a survey during a busy summer weekend, Council found over 17,000 people passed through the St Kilda promenade during the weekend.

With thousands of people on foot, bike riding and skating using the promenade, Mayor Cr Amanda Stevens says it is important to ensure spaces are being used safely and effectively.

“We want to make sure that shared spaces with high patronage, such as the St Kilda promenade, are safe and enjoyable for everyone.

“The City of Port Phillip is committed to keeping the St Kilda foreshore promenade accessible and for everyone and that’s why we are launching the ‘Just Look’ campaign, which will promote greater awareness for all its users.”

The key message of the ‘Just Look’ campaign is whether you’re travelling on foot or on wheels, remember to ‘Just Look’ and follow simple tips like keeping left, ringing your bike’s bell before passing people, and skating or blading at walking speed in busy areas.

As part of the campaign, Council seeking the community’s feedback on shared spaces in Port Phillip and ‘Just Look’ representatives will be down at St Kilda foreshore on Saturday 9 March to hear what the community has to say.

There will be giveaways, chalk art and representatives will provide tips to local cafes and restaurants and on how to get the most out of moving around on wheels and foot in this area. For more information about ‘Just Look’ visit http://www.portphillip.vic.gov.au/just-look.htm

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