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The Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale, held on May 3rd, was celebrated right here in St Kilda at the Eco Centre on Blessington St with a Barbeque, Vegan stalls and a Vegan baking contest.

No eggs were beaten, no cream was whipped and no animals suffered for the feast on offer which was delicious and covered the range of savoury to sweet with some seriously elegant dishes for Vegans and the Vegan curious. Tables groaned under the weight of cakes and pies but all was snapped up pretty quickly, expanding waist lines and raising funds for Animal Liberation Victoria.

Even a barbeque with tasty sausages, onion and bread managed to delight without using any animal products at all, not an easy feat as we won’t be fooled by tofu easily… or will we; we couldn’t tell the difference.

Judges, Lucy Stegley, Tamara Scoulidis and Noah Hannibal had the envious task of tasting all the entries in the Vegan Bake Off, including Raw Vegan desserts which were masterfully constructed using only uncooked ingredients. ‘Cheesecakes’ crafted from cashew cream and decorated with fruit and edible flowers were as beautiful to look at as they were to eat, and as a bonus they were also packed with nutrition, a claim not many desserts can make.

After much deliberation, winners were picked and awarded fantastic prizes donated by Las Vegan Cafe, Mister Nice Guy’s Bakeshop, Pana Chocolate, The Personal Vegan Shop, Northcote Natural Therapies, Realfoods and The Bear Cafe.

Organisers said it was a very successful day and that they were impressed by the standard of competition, especially in the ‘Raw’ section. Recipes from the bake sale will be made available on the Facebook page www.facebook.com/veganeasy.

The Bake Sale aims to raise awareness of how easy and tasty a Vegan diet can be and to give people information about how their dietary choices impact on the environment and animals as well as their own health.

VeganEasy.org was on hand with their information booklet and a challenge to try Veganism for 30 days. Information included a suggested 30 day meal plan, all you need to know about nutrition, basic guidelines for planning vegan meals, and the Eating Out Guide for all Australian States & Territories. You can even get a vegan mentor, a volunteer who will correspond with you via email if you have any questions or issues during the Challenge.

If you want to try it before you make that kind of commitment why not make a trip to local restaurant Monk Bodhi Dharma and sample a tasty vegan or raw vegan meal and feel the satisfaction of eating cruelty free.

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