Jurassic World Review

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By Elliot Murphy

Today we’re bringing you the latest review of one of the highest grossing films of the year 2015. Twenty years after the events of the first park the new and improved Jurassic World reopens.

The park has now been transformed into an amusement park with over 14 different species of dinosaurs from baby triceratops to the giant T-Rex. When two young boys Zach and Gray decide to visit the park to see the attractions and their aunt Claire, whom just happens to be the head boss of the park and is very excited about the new dinosaur the Indominus Rex being revealed to the public.

When Claire wants to test the paddock were the Indominus Rex lives for vulnerabilities, she calls on a colleague Owen who specialises in working with the velociraptor’s who he raised as siblings.

When Owen enters the paddock with two other workers from the park they discover some scratches on the wall and Owen realises something is very wrong.

Of course we can’t forget about some of the amazing actors that made this movie what it is. Starting with the female main lead Bryce Dallas Howard (Claire) who starts out as a very proud business woman and who gradually finds her parental instincts to protect her two nephews played by Nick Robinson (Zach) and Ty Simpkins (Gray).

The main male role Chris Pratt (Owen) who also did an excellent performance showing his characters ability to track, think under pressure and always keeping calm in dangerous situations. I was most impressed with how every actor was able to respond to whatever situation they just happened to be in at the time. And of course the sound technicians, film crew and writers who made this movie as great as it is.

The crew made it feel like you where really standing next to the dinosaurs when they moved or roared and also made an excellent choice in using the symphony music from the first Jurassic Park movie.

The others who made the sets knew just what was needed for each scene and the camera crew always got the right angle in every shot with every facial expression was flawless. The writers, well what can I say without them, this whole movie would not be possible with their superb creative skills. The special effects have come such a long way since the first Jurassic Park with the dinosaurs being much more detailed and creative.

For the set I’m impressed that they showed such great landscape and jungle scenery and they the fact that they showed some of the original park was just brilliant.

In conclusion if you enjoy a movie that’s action packed, full of dinosaurs, adventure, suspense and a twist ending you never saw coming then this is the movie you must see. 5/5 stars.

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