Junkyard Cafe: Plenty of Funk in their Trunk

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Henry Shires and Louise Avery


Henry Says:

In a highly inauspicious shop space at the bottom of a tower block on Inkerman, just around the corner from the dug-in-like-Alabama-tics perpetually busy, especially at weekends, Woodfrog Bakery is St Kilda’s best and relatively unknown breakfast sport, Junkyard café.

Get as far from the maddening crowd of inevitable 20 somethings at Matcha Mylkbar as you can, but still enjoy super trending green tea powder in almost every item on the menu including the house speciality: matcha waffles with ice cream. And even the Green Goodness breakfast dish of “spinach and ricotta stuffed mushrooms, asparagus, sautéed kale and lentils, Matcha salsa sauce , and scrambled eggs”

They also offer fried, salty Saganaki Cheese as a breakfast ingredient. And, in my humble opinion, they should include it in the Green Goodness breakfast as well. To take it to the level of the best breakfast, anywhere ever.

“And what about the bloody tea?” I hear you, my non-readers asking. “Isn’t that what you are meant to be reviewing?”

Well, everyone including your mother-in-law now likes green tea.  And several places, even in the culinary land that time forgot, St Kilda, now serve green tea powder Matcha Lattes.

But Junkyard’s chefs get the oh so difficult to achieve mix of bitter green tea powder and sweet (nut) milk, just right. As if all the world liked a latted-up version of a traditional Zen tea ceremony.

And why the Funk reference in the title?

When we were their they had the decency and good taste to play ol’ skool funk hits over Triple J.

I heart you so much Junk Yard that I want to eat you!

4.5 Stars


Henry's green goddess breakfast at Junkyard. Photo: Louise Avery.

Henry’s green goddess breakfast at Junkyard. Photo: Louise Avery.


Louise says:

Colour me a rainbow at Junkyard Cafe

Junkyard Café found me on Instagram and shared pictures of colourful matcha coffees and interesting food dishes that intrigued me. I was also surprised that I hadn’t found this café in St Kilda yet. Turns out it was tucked away in a new development on Inkerman street and as compensation for the grey concrete construction they decided to blow the café into life with an explosion of colour on their coffees and with a custom-made mural on the wall.

A visit over the Easter weekend was rewarded by a quieter café with a choice of tables and a very cheerful welcome from the staff. It’s always a pleasure to be welcomed by a friendly face.

We parked our dogs out the front and chose a window seat soaking up the ambience of a café with minimal design, a large loud mural and a refreshingly good menu.

The coffee was surprisingly good and came with a little bear face on my foam. The Beans were locally roasted from Niccolo who are based in St Edmonds Rd Prahran, I am not sure you can get much more local than that. It was a good warm and inviting coffee. The barista was a bit disappointed I didn’t take the match rainbow coffee so he brought it over to me anyway.

I should have gone with the rainbow. It wasn’t just the very ornamental art for the coffee it was the way the rainbow powders enhanced the flavour of the coffee.  Definitely highly recommend the visit for these coffees but breakfast was also excellent and beautifully presented.

The smashed avocado was enough to give up my chance of a mortgage for a few more months and was a lovely start to the day.

4 stars


Junkyard Cafe

105/33 Inkerman Street, St Kilda 

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