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“Which jug is the skim milk in?”

Created by baristas for baristas as a grip to stop callous skin, Juglove is a uniform system to identify what milk lives where! Packaged with five different colours, Juglove is a stylish, hygienic option giving you freedom to create your own system for milk identity in every café.

Juglove was designed for comfort, eliminating callous skin suffered after hours of repeated contact with the jugs metal surface. Designed to not be intrusive or bulky and grip wherever the user prefers, maintaining comfort and function.

Manufactured from food grade silicone rubber and being dishwasher safe, Juglove is currently being used in cafes across the country, assisting in everyday use and training alike, with select suppliers implementing the smart system into barista training and new store rollouts.

It is now available for retail at select suppliers and online at www.juglove.com.au (wholesale and trade enquiries can be made online).

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