Jerry’s Milk Bar

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By Julia Topliss

St Kilda winter months always have you searching for comfy spots for a lazy weekend brunch. Having not visited Jerry’s for several years it felt timely to stop by on the Queen’s Birthday to seek out what was on offer.

Jerry’s Milk Bar has been a beacon in Barkly Street for over four decades. These days it resembles more cafe than milk bar; with jam-packed table and seating; the fit is close and cosy with lively chatter from neighbouring tables and the faint musical hints of Pink Floyd and John Lennon filtering through the background.

On a summer’s days you can sit outside or in the courtyard (kids play area).

The menu was thorough with kiddy choices (Dippy egg & toasted soldiers), gluten free and vegetarian options on offer, including fruit salad, smashed avocado, pancakes served several ways, while also catering for the carnivores amongst us too.

To top it off the traditional offering of smoothies, milkshakes and freshly squeezed juices are still available but seem to be more a backstage offering than in previous years when these were the main draw card to the cafe.

It was certainly busy and had a bustling atmosphere; maybe too busy as service was strained and confused. It took some time for our order to be taken, and several minutes longer for water to arrive at our table. Our meal was staggered with our kofta borek & sausage roll arriving first, but cold, and was promptly returned to the kitchen for heating.

Our famous Jerry’s Brekkie Roll arrived next and was amazing. Served on a light turkish roll; the eggs were cooked perfectly with crispy bacon, mixed leaf salad and a tangy tomato chutney. It was super delicious; I recommend the visit for this alone.

The sausage roll and borek returned to our table but were poor cousins to our first course; the sausage roll was over salted and the borek tasted flat after the excitement of the brekkie roll. Both dishes came plain with no side salad and both had been heated in a microwave that’d left them soft and chewy. Definitely a let down.

All up, not a place to hang out for more than a quick bite; the Brekkie Roll is not to be missed: fits in with the top 5 we have had in St Kilda; service was slow & incredibly disorganised but at least polite and friendly. Coffee was okay (Genovese) but not to the standard of cafes in general in St Kilda. Pricing is a tad on the high side.

345 Barkly Street, Elwood

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