It is reported the St Kilda festival is at risk having failed to attract funding.

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The cause of this issue is the utter incompetence of the current Council in failing to maintain the sponsorship dollars for the event.  The Council have failed to sell this event to the State government and private sponsors.  This Council’s ability to undermine the St Kilda precinct and to trash its brand is legendary.  They mouth platitudes about their support for live music and yet time after time fail to protect and nurture it.  St Kilda is losing its mojo and without the festival, tourist businesses will be undermined.

The St Kilda Festival is one of the largest events in the country.  Triple the amount of people attend it when compared to say the Melbourne Cup.  Why is it that they cannot raise sponsorship dollars?  It is not as if they are selling snow to the Swedes.  Why aren’t they making the State government more accountable when it clearly fulfills State goals in relation to tourism, cultural expression and engagement with young people.  When this mob took office 4 years ago there was a sponsor and interested State government.  Cr Serge Thomann, the ward councilor, is looking more and more like an inadvertent cultural vandal.


Dick Gross AM


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