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By Kerrie Pacholli /

Paul Blackburn, producer of an exciting new comedy hub St Kilda Comedy Club, wants to be invisible, but we can’t help see what he is doing.

For over 18 months the St Kilda Comedy Club has been hosting joy filled nights of high voltage hilarity at various venues across Melbourne, and in the last few months, The Club’s HQ campsite at 25 Blessington Street, St Kilda.

It is here that the St Kilda Comedy Club’s Tuesday nights Open Mic is fast becoming one of the hottest gigs in the area; and with popularity mounting, as well as attracting Comedians from the four corners of Melbourne, The Club is now opening up on Monday and Wednesday nights during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

A stalwart behind the scenes guy, Paul is adamant it is all about the talent and insists that his showbiz partner, frontman and resident MC CJ Fortuna, will give me the gold about what the St Kilda Comedy Club has in store for their growing tribe of fans.

CJ why you are out in the comedy trenches beating the laughter drum?

It’s important to cultivate comedy. 

I remember when I first started there was always somewhere to go to hone your craft and work alongside professional comedians which is important because it makes you work harder and helps you grow as a performer.

I think we’ve created a really good atmosphere down here, even my old mate Hughsey dragged himself away from watching his own tv show to do a spot the other week. 

Standup is supposed to be one of the hardest acts in showbiz. 

What are some of the key ingredients that make a person a comedian?

Well, you’ve got to have a microphone, jokes, a thick skin, determination, and a couple of good punchlines. That would probably do the trick. 

What are the benefits of being a comedian?

Being a comedian can be a struggle sometimes and if it’s not a struggle there’s probably a lot of benefits.

The main benefit of being a comedian is making people laugh, it makes you feel good, In fact, it makes everyone feel good. And that’s got to be beneficial. 

I understand that after a long time of being a single comedian you are now married with a small baby girl. Congratulations.

Would you encourage your young daughter to become a comedian like her dad?  Is that even possible?

Everyone wants to be a comedian these days. If she wants a spot she’ll have to message me. At the moment I’m trying to encourage her to walk and say my name, after that she can do whatever she likes.  She does make me laugh though and she seems to like that… 

The 2018 Internationally Comedy Festival (28 March – 22 April) in full swing.  As well as Open Mic on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday nights at 25 Blessington Street, the St Kilda Comedy Club is hosting gigs at the St Kilda Sports Club and Kingston Town Hall in Moorabbin featuring celebrated acts such as Elliot Goblet, Vince Sorrenti, Brad Oakes, Ben Tiffen and Nikki Osborne. For venues, dates and times:


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