Interview with local St Kilda Band Wishful

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What prompted you to become involved in Sacred Heart Mission’s Heart of St Kilda Concert?

It’s a massive opportunity for a band as new as ours. We are really excited to get involved in helping out such an amazing cause while having the chance to share our music with the rest of Melbourne!

What’s the best thing about being involved in a fundraising concert with so many big names from Australia’s entertainment industry?

It’s a powerful thing to see such a range of artists standing for the same cause, and for a band just starting out in the music industry, it is an opportunity to learn from those big names and gain some exposure to set us off in the future.


How do you think a concert such as this can highlight the work of the Mission with people who are homeless or living in poverty?

This event has the potential to reach a lot of people who wouldn’t normally think twice about poverty or people who are homeless. Bringing together the people of today’s music and entertainment culture is a great way to send the message and gather a mass following to support this cause.


What can the audience expect from you on the night?

A fresh earthy-folk sound with lots of harmonies.


Who are you most looking forward to seeing on the night and why?

Brian Nankervis: possibly the greatest MC of all time.
Graveyard train: The country suave feel is so interesting to watch and listen to.



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