Interview with Alan Brough

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By Caroline Cohen

Best known from Spicks and Specks on channel two, Alan Brough is now starring in the new musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang as Baron Bomburst.


They boast a flying car in the press release for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Have you gone for a ride in it?

“No, I am not so good with heights. A few people have gone in it and said they loved it. I do have a feeling that someone has gone in it nude at some point, not sure why but it seems like one of those things you do when you get the opportunity”.


Have you played with your Wikipedia entry? What do you think you would add to it?

“I didn’t know I had one, I am not one of those people that goes online and reads things about himself. I don’t think you are allowed to enter things about yourself. If I did change my entry [though] I would write horrible things that would make people have a poorer opinion of me. You should feel free to add mean things to it if you like”.


I missed your interview on 774 the other day I am sorry to say. Do you hang out with Jon Faine and is he really nice in real life?

“I have only met him quickly for the radio interview, but I can tell you this: Jon Faine is a woman, the photo you see is just for press, he does not have a beard at all (Note from interviewer: I hope this doesn’t get back to Jon Faine or I will never have a chance in hell of interviewing him. It’s all Alan’s Fault, he said it and as a good reporter I am printing it, I don’t believe him and I love you Jon)”.


So Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is a musical, are you a natural singer or a shower only singer that has had to go to lessons for this role? Or do you just pretend to sing?

“When you say natural singing voice it makes me think that I can only sing outside in the woods. I think I have a natural singer voice. I think I sing well enough but [I] did have some lessons. [I’d] give myself 4.8 on the singing scale; 1 being concrete banged together and 10 [being] the Vienna boys choir”.


Any more musicals in your future? Broadway maybe?

“I was asked but I had to turn it down to preserve my work life balance”.


Do you still talk to Myf and Adam Hills? Is it true Spicks and Specks might come back?

“I do, although both are overseas and are very busy so it makes it a bit hard to stay in touch. Spicks and Specks is coming back with a whole new cast. I am hoping one of new presenters is Elmo, that would keep it interesting”.


How did you get your knowledge of music?

“Bunking off school to listen to records and reading the album covers as well”.


Would you call yourself north or south of the Yarra?

“I prefer to call myself on the Yarra. I would like to get a house boat and cruise up and down [it] so I don’t have to make a choice, but at the moment I live in the north”.


What do you think of the idea of cultural zones where people cannot complain about noise in an area such as Acland st St Kilda, to protect live music?

“People who move into an area and complain about the noise are just plain dumb. They want the inner city life style and then they want to kill it. They should bugger off if they don’t like it, go back to the country (Note from interviewer: other strong language on this subject was also used but for the sake of a nice article it was left out)”.


What would you be if not famous? A plumber, a doctor, a painter that paints the top half of rooms?

“I like the idea of a painter. I would probably end up as a plumber or painter cause there is good money to be earned and I would like to show [my] bum crack, I have a very hairy and nasty crack so it would be a great sight”.


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is playing at her Majesty’s Theatre from January 30th. Tickets are available at Ticketek’s website: and range from: $55.90 to $129.90

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