In The Silence: An Anthology of Poems

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by Patricia Heppolette


They say that a picture can paint a thousand words, but I believe that five hundred words can evoke a myriad of not only images, but emotions too.

My book of poems, In the Silence, is a collection I write from the heart and soul. I write about anything that touches my life and leaves indelible impressions.

I was born in India and lived there until I migrated to Australia. I have been writing since I was about 10 years old. We lived in a small town in the heart of India. I enjoyed a lovely childhood, growing up in the open spaces, running barefoot on the grass, chasing butterflies and dragonflies, flying kites, and trying hard to be a tomboy to keep up with my two older brothers! We were five siblings: three brothers and two sisters. My brothers were very protective us two girls and even when we grew up, they were our knights in shining armour.

One of my passions when I was young was reading. I was an avid reader and would read whatever was available. If there was no book at hand, I would read   a newspaper, magazine, or anything that had words printed on it.

I think I developed a love for writing because I had automatically enriched my vocabulary through my reading. Also, my Mum was a Teacher and she always encouraged me to read and write. I especially loved Poetry. I used to love the beat and rhythm of poems and words that rhymed. I never seemed to have any difficulty at all in writing about whatever topic was given to me at school.

My Favourite Poets were Wordsworth and Keats and now that my daughter has published her first book, Poesis, I am a fan of her writing too.

MY PROJECT: I have published two books of poems so far. The first book is titled, Mirrors of the Soul. This book got two Reviews in Perth. The West Australian poetry editor said, “Heppolette’s Poems are deeply philosophical. She has a lot to say and says it from the heart.” The other review was from the local Community newspaper, The Echo. They gave me a glowing tribute in a quarter page section of their newspaper.

I am now launching my Project: In the Silence on Pozible. The aim of the project is to collect funds to get my books out for the readers and to share my poems with them. This book is a collection of poems that reflect the different experiences I have been through, the people in my life and the highs and lows that I went through as I struggled to come to terms with situations and obstacles that beset my path on my life journey. This book is especially precious to me as I wrote it for my daughter, my best friend, my role model and my inspiration. As we both struggled with our demons, we both wrote. We have an unbreakable bond, a bond of love, loyalty, faith and trust; a bond that I will carry with me right to the end of my life. When I was down, my daughter lifted me up. When no one seemed to care, she showed me that she did and her love has seen me through the most difficult times in my life. In the Silence is dedicated to my daughter, Maryann.

As I share my Project on Pozible, I hope to inspire my readers to have faith in themselves, that even though at times things may seem unbearable, have faith, trust in yourself and keep going. When you look back one day, you will see that if you have the spirit, no one can ever break you!

“When darkness falls on the hills,

And the stars start to shine,

And shadows flit silently around,

When the world settles down

to another twilight,

Can you hear my voice call…

In the Silence?”

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