Home Grown Vegies for Premium Taste

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By Brad B.

Once you have tasted your own home grown vegies, you will never quite be satisfied with the quality of store bought produce. Vegies allowed to ripen naturally will always taste better, and they will also save you money on your grocery bill.

Even where space is limited, a relatively small garden bed can grow a significant crop of vegetables. There are a few methods of growing a vegetable garden, with each having their own appeal.

Traditional: The most labour intensive method, this involves removing the weeds, turning over the soil, and incorporating plenty of organic matter –  Manure, leaf litter, etc… are ideal.

Raised: Create a raised bed using lengths of timber, or purchase a readymade raised bed constructed of corrugated iron from your local hardware store, and fill it with a mixture of potting mix, compost and manure.

No-dig: Create a garden edge using bricks or timber and lay newspaper over the ground. Then spread alternating layers of materials such as compost, leaf litter, mulch, grass clippings, manure, straw, etc… and top it all off with a layer of potting mix into which the vegetables can be planted.

Pots: Where space is lacking, consider growing a small crop of vegetables in pots. Plastic pots can be purchased cheaply and filled with potting mix and manure to grow strawberries, salad greens, herbs etc… To really take advantage of a small growing area, consider attaching a trellis to a fence, and placing the pots at the base of the trellis. Grow climbing beans, snow peas or tomatoes up the trellis to maximise your yield from a small area.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Check the growing season of your desired vegetables; with winter fast approaching it is important to choose vegetables that will tolerate the cold.
  • The secret to a thriving vegetable garden is to use plenty of manure and compost. A good layer of mulch will keep the soil moist, and provide additional organic matter as it breaks down.
  • Even growing a small garden with some salad greens can be worthwhile and produce real savings, for example: rocket and baby spinach are expensive but can easily be grown from seed. Plant your next crop as the first crop matures to provide a continuous supply.
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