HIGH STEAKS in Acland Street – this month featuring La Roche Cafe

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By: The Food Dude

The Food Dude, of St Kilda Bites, seeks out the various Steak Special deals promoted by eating establishments in the greater St Kilda area and takes pleasure in reviewing the steak dishes offered, usually on one particular night of each week. So it was early on a Thursday night, he ventured into one of the busiest venues in Acland Street; La Roche, and was delighted with his experience.

Lively, energetic and hectic aptly depict the atmosphere of La Roche, and it was only 7pm on a Thursday night, there was a willing scramble to find me a table in a packed restaurant inside and out. Charming Virginia, one of La Roche’s congenial staff, anticipating my arrival extended me a warm welcome with a refreshing glass of house white, which is all part of the Steak Special deal attributed to every Thursday night at La Roche.

When I referred to the menu, I noted on the front cover a list of all the various specials offered on every day of the week for breakfast, lunch and dinner. An unbeatable $8 Breakfast deal offered every morning was beckoning me back for breakfast, then I noted all my favorites: various pasta, pizza, parmigiana, and fish & chips on each of the other weekdays and then this deal; a 300gram Porterhouse Steak, that I was about to experience for an amazing price of $15!

Yes evidently, on every Thursday from midday to 10.30pm, you can enjoy one of these seemingly enormous Porterhouse Steaks, with a choice of 4 sauces, accompanied with a fresh garden salad and mashed potato or fried chips, with either a glass of house wine, a beer or a soft drink. Enjoy I did, when the plate arrived within 10 minutes of the order being placed. It was one ‘hell’ of a plate overlapped by this 300gm but lean Porterhouse Steak under a heap of creamy Mushroom Sauce sitting on a generous bed of mashed potato, barely enough room for the crisp 2 lettuce & tomato salad. There was a choice of gravy or pepper, besides the mushroom sauce.

Patrons on adjacent tables were jealously eying me off as I devoured my prize. The steak was trimmed, little fat, remarkably tender, cooked perfectly to my medium rare request and swamped with an exquisite Mushroom sauce. Absolutely no disappointment, with too much yummy mashed potato and a crisp garden salad with zingy French dressing, all for an extraordinary $15!

I had seriously anticipated with a special offer like this, in such a high turnover and busy tourist establishment, an acceptable but cost saving portion, but just the opposite. Chatting with my neighbors in the cafe, they were telling me they live in the area and a large percentage of La Roche’s regular trade are locals too. That explained why this place had such a phenomenal reputation on the street, obviously earned from great friendly device, value and consistent quality food for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


LA Roche

195 Acland Street, St Kilda.

Open Monday to Sunday (7 Days) – 7am to 10:30pm

Phone: (03) 95341472 for reservations

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