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Shires On Shir

Plenty to shout-out about this month. And in the “praise be to…” sense not the “what the…” sense, too!

SHIRES ON SHIR MADNESS Melbourne Jewish Musical Festival

I am extremely flattered to have been asked to be the guest of the first ever Melbourne Jewish Music Festival (Shir Madness) which is being run in Elsternwick on Sunday 6th September. The Festival is the musical offspring of that delightful musical Nu Folk duo Deborah Conway and Willy Zygier. And also features the likes of Tim Rodgers, Rebecca Barnard and Ron Peno. Among many others. Please come and join me and the musical merrymaking by going to shirmadness.com

ANYONE FOR CRUFFIN? Miss Alex & Co. 85 Brighton Road Elwood

Thought you had tried everything that the delights of Danish (and other) pastries had to offer. Think again. Enter the Rhubarb Cruffin. The love child of the croissant and the muffin…with a Rhubarb top. Even pretty good sex does not hold a candle against it. This wonderful “local” Brighton Road Elwood cafe also serves raw almond milk and an excellent Hail Kale fresh Cold Pressed Juice. Among many other unique treats. And the service is, unusually, in this day and age, equally sweet www.missalexandco.com


If you are a yoga teacher or student who suffers from or has a particular interest in chronic pain. Or would like to learn how you can, based upon extensive clinical research, use specialised yoga practices to reduce many forms of persistent pain, you can join Clinical Psychologist and Pain Specialist Greg Toup and Yoga Teacher Claire Bell for Pain, The Brain, And Yoga: A Half-Day Workshop on Sunday September 27th. Call Claire on 0401251967 or email her at clairesgentleyoga@gmail.com

To get more of your Henry Shires fix this month, please see his film review of the “mesmerizing” new Israeli movie GETT THE TRIAL OF VIVIANE AMSALEM elsewhere in this issue.

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