Henry Shires @ Bay – I Didn’t Know the White Light had to be White

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“The worst is not so long as we can say ‘This is the worst’” from Shakespeare’s King Lear pretty sums up the intervening months since last I had the privilege to grace this space. Still with ongoing, unresolved heart symptoms I suddenly found myself with a hefty side order of anxiety and depression. But, for once, I am not going to burden you, dear reader, with every detail of a month during which I broke the world land speed record for the largest number of admittances to a hospital A & E department (without having a definitively life threatening symptom).

Instead I am going to concentrate on more positive thoughts and insights which may have come to my head during those precious moments when the doomy clouds of fear and abject pessimism were temporarily rolled back, and this month’s wonderful selection of unique/boutique local wellness products and services, of course.

Firstly, on returning from a visit to the highly recommended Weekly Healing Meditation Group for People With Serious Illnesses and Their Carers and Friends at the eminently peaceful local Buddhist Tara Institute in East Brighton (www.tarainstitute.org.au), I was telling my wife about doing the “White Light Meditation” and worrying about the fact that my “light” would not achieve the right shade of pristine parlour when she, typically, replied: “Oh, I have done that meditation loads of times and I never even thought that the ‘white light’ had to be white!” – Typical of her much more adaptive ability never to see the problem, where I have the opposite tendency to see only pitfalls, dilemmas and failings.

Not so much just that my glass is half empty but that it is also chipped, cracked, of the wrong design, period, make, height, volume and containing the wrong type of water (only non-sparkling mineral water from glass bottles, please).

However, although now beginning to turn away from my previous perfectionism as inherently detrimental and absolutely un-useful does not mean that I do not still know a ‘good’ product from a stinker. And, so it seems do the rest of you, as whenever Planet Ark put any of their new Lavender and Orange Oil Orange Power natural air freshener on the shelves of the select local outlets who stock it (eg Renaissance IGA, 64 Fitzroy St; it disappears like the proverbial hot, albeit rather Lavender-y, cakes). If you want a soothing, relaxing 100% plant derived air freshener that does not quickly become as unpleasant as the odours it is trying to mask, this is it.

And now a (potentially at least) global product from a local practitioner, Lucy Cormack is a living advertisement for her local yoga practice and for her recently launched DVD “Creating A Home Practice”.

Recently returned from a real deal ayurvedic retreat training in India, there is (healthily) less of Lucy but what there is, is now illuminated from within by an incandescent light.

Lucy is also able to honestly name drop study with some of the current stars of the yoga firmament including Judith Lasater, Donna Farhi and Shiva Rea.

Although, in my opinion, ‘self’ practice is never the way to commence your yoga practice if you are a beginner, making it part of your everyday activity in the way that a DVD lead practice allows, does create the opportunity to significantly increase the benefits and improvement – If you are the sort of person who is disciplined enough to keep up a daily exercise routine, at home (pranasamana.com).

And finally, from the sublime to the ridiculously sublime…

They now make beer for dogs, and it’s a healthy ‘non-alcoholic, crafted especially for dogs, with no hops’ beer too. And when I say ‘they’ I mean the very good beer producing people at www.beerdogsbrewhouse.com

With, some more jaundiced folk might say, the whole country, nay even the whole planet going to the dogs, and no chance any more of drowning my sorrows in anything even resembling alcohol, it is only right and fitting that the our dogs do the drinking for me from now on.

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