Henry Shires @ Bay – And All I Got Were These Great T-Shirts

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Das T-Shirt Automat

Das T-Shirt Automat

As one (well in this case I) starts to (hopefully!) recover from depression and having to live with a piece of metal in one’s heart, one tends to start to think about the meaning of it all.

And one new thought that I at least find comforting – as initially shocking to me as when the ancient romans realized that the Earth rotates around the sun rather than vice versa – is that I am not the centre of the universe.

Great as I am the rag tag world went on before me and it will go on after me (unless the climate deniers get their way of course).

And, although, it is kind of sad, from a narcissistic point of view, that I may relatively soon (certainly only a matter of decades at most) depart this mortal tangle – leaving almost only the best collection of ironic slogan t-shirts ever accrued, it is newly reassuring to me to think of life, as a result, according to the old ‘game’ analogy. That it is all just a game. And win or lose, or something in between, it is how you play your innings that counts, not what the score is.

Which I think is why I found myself channelling some of my English forbears and growing an Edwardian ‘tache that would have made a Captain in British army going over the top proud. Onward, onward into the valley of death rode the one, part-time, poet.

And, on an even more positive note, quite literally, Chris James’s new album has, as they say, finally ‘dropped’. And its title ‘Return to Love’ and track titles ‘God’s Breath’ and ‘The Magic of God’ leave you in no doubt of its divine inspiration. But don’t let this put you off if you are not so inclined, a listening to this incredible piece of aural beauty and sound healing will do you a power of go(o)d whether you believe or not www.chrisjames.net

And talking of ‘angels’ as we almost were. I now have a yoga guardian angel guiding my post heart disease and depression yoga practice with infinite care and wisdom.

Larissa Healey is a true guru of a yoga teacher; an old school yogi who is not too precious to bring the benefits of this ancient self-healing via the modern medium of a gym – 6 Degrees South in Elsternwick (www.6degreessouth.com.au).When the student is ready the teacher will appear, as was probably said by Mr Miyagi in one of the Karate Kids. Larissa is also running a workshop on Yoga and the Digestive System on 23rd February 2015, in which you can learn about how to keep yourself healthy and what, when and how to eat, as well as  a Pranayama (life energy through breath work) workshop on 5th April. Both in Elsternwick at a cost of $75. And the, now almost de rigour in the Yoga world, retreat in Ubud, Bali from 20 June till 27 of June. You can find her on the old faithful FB at www.facebook.com/LarisaHealeyYoga or call 0409 289 139.

And if you haven’t got a punk t-shirt to wear to the ball like my good self, after November’s festivities by Melynda von Wayward at St Kilda’s own Brightspace Gallery (www.punkjourney.com), then why not go see those good people at Das T-Shirt Automat at 127 Greville St, Prahran (near Prahran Station). Dastshirtautomat.com and they can knock you up a “Punk’s not dead, it just forgot to put its patchouli oil on this morning”.

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