Hemp Vodka

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Just when you thought you’d seen and tasted the whole spectrum of novelty beverages, another one launches to an inebriated fanfare.

Hemp vodka might sound like something dreamt up by Cheech & Chong, but it’s real and legal and has medical benefits.

Medical benefits? You heard correctly. Much maligned and stigmatised for the best part of a century, this once vilified weed has been flipped, repackaged and rolled out as a wonder drug, one that might cure anything from cancer to depression.

The efficacy of hemp vodka as a cancer remedy might be unproven and ill-advised, but cannabinoids are present and swell with health properties. Getting pissed on medicine might soon be a thing.

So, where to start? The hemp vodka brand Humboldt won the coveted Double Gold Medal at the prestigious 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. This award-winning liquor is made by an actual chemist at Humboldt County, who has successfully transferred that fine aromatic taste and best described as having gin and botanical undertones.

Local vendors Iconic Spirits supply a range of hemp liquor. Find out more at www.iconicspirits.com


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