Help me find Helen Sarmanis before it’s too late

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By: Alexandra

Helen Sarmanis, my grandmother’s younger sister, was born around 1934 in Tanzania to a wealthy Greek family. While in Tanzania, Helen raised my mother like her own daughter from age five. She put my mother through school until she left the country for greener pastures. Helen moved to Australia approximately 50 years ago and lived on Havelock Street in St. Kilda.

It is believed that when she first arrived in Australia Helen sent gifts to her sister through mutual friends who travelled between Australia and Tanzania often. My grandmother however never received the gifts. The friends claimed the gifts were lost in transit and they did not have Helen’s contact either. For this reason Helen did not receive any replies from her sister and with time may have possibly felt forgotten. In those days my grandmother did not have a higher education, resources, or the know-how to track her sister down in Australia all the way from Africa. Without the cooperation of the people who were the only link between the two sisters communication was lost forever.

Help me find Helen Sarmanis

My grand aunt may have been known as Helen Jameson at the time, she was reportedly married to a Brit; Reginald Jameson. We understand she is alive, about 78 years old, and lives in Melbourne. We are not sure what surname she uses but we are desperate to find her. Today some say they are in touch with Helen but will not share her contacts saying that they are acting at Helen’s request. They claim that Helen says she was abandoned by her family and wants nothing to do with them, but many things do not add up… It is reported that Helen is ill and may be financially strained, if this is true why would anyone hinder her necessary help and support? We don’t know what is true! We need to hear from Helen directly. We are desperate to find her, not only to help if she is indeed ill, but also to let her know why she did not hear back from her family for all these years. We want her to realise that she was not forgotten, not by her sister and niece, my mother, who has been trying to find her for many years now.

We are publicising this story because other means to reach Helen directly have failed. We have reason to believe she is being shielded from us for other reasons. We do not want anything from her other than to help her if we can, in some way or another. We also want her to know the truth. If you know Helen Sarmanis, have seen her or can help in anyway, please contact me at: My grandmother is in Tanzania ailing and her health worsens by the month. I am afraid I am running out of time to reunite the sisters before one of them passes away. Please share this story, for you never know, it just might reach Helen before it is too late.

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