Happy Eleventh Hour

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I was walking down Fitzroy Street with the wife, a St Kilda-ite from way back, when we came across a bottle-o that is now offering an early evening happy hour, a 9 to 10pm Happy Hour! The wife reckons that St K, or at least Fitzroy Street, is rapidly devolving to its boho roots in the face of the almost inevitable belated arrival of the GFC at our doors.

Personally, I reckon it’s a good thing; how can we continue to sustain one cafe/coffee shop per head as we do on Carlisle St in Balaclava (and, more recently, in Ripponlea) in the face of ever diminishing resources and industries.

Bring on the Mad Max post-apocalyptic future of fighting over water, let alone fossil fuels, says I, rather than all this overpriced yuppie artifice and stuff and nonsense – too many shops selling The Emperor’s New Clothes.

As long as the bottle-o is still selling pots for $2.50 on Fitzroy Street at 9:55PM, who cares.


Henry Shires
Writing Injustice Wherever He Sees It (as long as it is in or close to St Kilda)

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