Groundbreaking documentary to be filmed in St Kilda

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By Maddison McSwain

‘A Drop in the Ocean’ is a groundbreaking environmental documentary about the adverse impacts of human activity on the world’s oceans and the practical steps that everyday people can take to mitigate these.

Writer and Director Paul Ransom has announced the film will be shot entirely within Australia. “St Kilda will be our core urban location,” he said.

The main filming day has been confirmed for July 29th 2015 at the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron on St Kilda’s foreshore.

This will be a ‘Q&A style’ live event, featuring a panel of experts, opinion leaders, local celebrities and community members.

“We’ve got three key experts and one celebrity co-presenter already confirmed, so it’s all coming together very nicely,” Mr Ransom said.

The panel includes CEO of the Banksia Foundation Graz van Egmond, Neil Blake from the Port Phillip EcoCentre and Judith Alcorn from the University of Melbourne. Alyce Platt will co-host and perform live at the event.

The live studio audience will be selected from an online ballot through the film’s Facebook page.

“We’ve got loads of people who have entered the ballot already,” Mr Ransom said. “We see the film as the beginning of something that sparks a greater awareness in the broader community.”

Mr Ransom explained, “We are all drops in the ocean. Our little contribution that we make, whether it’s using a bit less plastic here, buying organic fruit form the farmers’ market there, these little things all adding up can make a big change in the way we do things is this world.”

“We can actually live more sustainably on this planet and leave something of value to our children and grandchildren, rather than just piles of garbage.”

“Leonardo DiCaprio is probably the most high profile ocean advocate out there. It’s great that people like him are using their profile to bring attention to these issues.”

“There’s a lot of talk about forests and there’s a lot of talk about climate change and there should be, but the oceans are the lungs of the world. We came from the sea. All life on earth came from the sea. And if the predictions that oceans will be devoid of fish by 2050 come true, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out what a disaster that would be.”

“We hope to create social change by inspiring people like you and me to believe the situation is not hopeless. That’s why we’re making the film. People love film, it’s entertaining, it gets people involved, it gets within the heart.”

Mr Ransom is an award-winning director. His 2011 film ‘Two’ won Best Romance at the Australasian International Film Festival (better known as the Barossa Film Festival).

His background in film, television and media is extensive, but he also has a teaching degree. Mr Ransom spent two years teaching adults at Yatala Labour Prison, the maximum security prison in Adelaide. “It was very, very interesting. I could bore you senseless about my time in jail, so to speak,” he said laughing.

When asked to comment on the highlight of his career so far Mr Ransom replied, “the highlights are still to come.”

‘A Drop in the Ocean’ is produced by Eddie Postma and Horizon Films.

Register to secure your seat in the studio audience for ‘A Drop In the Ocean’s’ panel filming event in St Kilda on Wed 29 July:

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