Greens candidates Ogy Simic (Gateway ward), Katherine Copsey (Lake ward) and Tim Baxter (Canal ward)

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Refusing dirty donations means better outcomes for our community. We’re calling on all candidates for the Council elections to reject political donations from property developers.

We’ve been listening to voters and it’s clear what they want to see in Port Phillip’s future. Smart and active transport options, respect for existing cultural and heritage landmarks, support for renewables and the services our community needs to remain resilient. These are some of the issues at the top of voter’s wishlists.

For those putting their names forward as candidates for Council, the community’s interests need to be front of mind. That’s why we’ve committed to refusing political donations from property developers – and are calling on all other candidates to do the same.

Victoria has some of the weakest rules on political donations in the western world, creating the potential for undue influence and eroding the public’s confidence. Donations reform has come back into the spotlight thanks to recent events in Canberra, but these problems aren’t new. The Greens have a strong record on calling for donations reform at all levels of government. Hopefully the renewed focus will put pressure on other parties to support our calls for state and federal reform. But we know people are sick of waiting, which is why we’re taking action.

Locals want a Port Phillip built with people in mind. One where it’s easy to get from A to B, where our green space is prioritised and there are many options for active and passive recreation. A Port Phillip that’s smart when it comes to energy and waste systems. A Port Phillip designed to help our community connect and our neighbourhoods thrive. It’s a positive vision, and one that we share. Our plan to realise it starts with making sure that the interests of the community are being represented, and that dirty money from big property developers doesn’t take decision-makers off course.

Ogy Simic, Katherine Copsey and Tim Baxter explored the concept of liveable cities of the future with Senator Scott Ludlam and other special guests at their forum ‘Beyond the Concrete Jungle’. Friday 16 September, 2016.

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