Good Love

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Aside from the neon lights, the first thing that hits you when walking into Good Love is the warm and inclusive atmosphere fostered by owners Dylan and Sam. It is clear the duo has worked hard to create a communal-feeling eatery friendly to all diners – vegetarians, vegans, vehement carnivores – all are welcome in this fun space that used to be the Nelson Cocktail Bar. With a strong focus on native produce and sustainability, everything on the menu is locally sourced. And where the pair have been unable to buy Australian-made they have created the items themselves, including a range of unique house-infused spirits like their Good Love Rhubarb Gin.


Each dish on the menu is lovingly prepared from scratch, and where many vegan restaurants wish to ram home the fact that they are anti-animal agriculture, Good Love only alludes to this with absolutely zero pretence. Many of their offerings emulate meat dishes as to include and not offend the red-blooded meatheads out there. Their ‘famed KFC’ made from crunchy jackfruit coated in 11 secret herbs and spices and their ‘slow cooked stew’ with lamb seasoning are prime examples of this, so delicious it is hard to believe that no animals were harmed in their creation. A stroke of genius within the ‘Persian rice’ sees chickpeas painstakingly deep fried, adding an incredible crunch to each flavoursome mouthful.


With its cosy space, great vibe, kitsch Nintendo games and banging beats – Good Love is the perfect hang-out spot for locals. And while the place feels quite civil on a weekday, it is easy to imagine things getting a little loose late at night over the weekends. Tucked away in the middle of Acland St but away from the main drag, Good Love is a bit like stumbling across a David Attenborough episode amongst all the other Netflix drivel. Full of heart, soul and some seriously good love.


Good Love

56 Acland St

St Kilda Vic 3182

(03) 9593 6539

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