Golfing at Elsternwick Park Public Golf Course

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By Sonny Crockett

As an overweight, middle aged, diabetic man, I recognise the importance of exercise, but I’m also an unemployed man and as a result golfing isn’t an activity I can do very much of.

Being a resident of Elwood I have enjoyed playing at the Elsternwick Park Public Golf Course. It’s a short nine hole course with a creek running through it that captures many a golf ball. The course is nice and flat, but the current playing experience there may be different to what I remember, as I have seen some redevelopment works going on there recently – I haven’t played on the course in quite some time so I can’t give an up to date assessment of what the playing experience is like at the moment.

You can be professionally fitted for your ideal set of golf clubs at the Elsternwick golf course pro shop; this is ideal if you can afford to buy your own new set of golf clubs. Everyone has an individual playing style and therefore your clubs should be tailored to your body dimensions and unique playing style, this will allow you to have the best performance and a fun playing experience.

I stand by my opinion that playing golf is an excellent way to get some exercise (that means no driving golf carts!). A nine hole round will typically last two hours, but could go longer if the golf course is busy or there are slow players on it, and an eighteen hole round should take about four hours, again this will vary depending on how busy the golf course is when you’re playing. Everyone should enjoy the simple pleasure of walking a picturesque golf course and admiring the natural beauty that surrounds you, while at the same time getting the health benefit of exercising the body.

Now playing the game is a whole other thing entirely, but anyone can and should give it a try. If you want to play to achieve a good score then that’s fine, but the game can be completely frustrating and your enjoyment can be nullified by a poor scorecard. However, if one is playing just for fun then you should have a nice leisurely round of either nine or eighteen holes depending on which you’re playing. Remember even the pros can shoot over par and play bad shots too; even Tiger Woods got one of his approach shots to a green into a water hazard in the final round of this year’s US Masters. As a result of which he didn’t win the tournament, that honour went to Australian Adam Scott and we should all be proud of him, I sure am. Adam’s the first Australian player to win a US Masters and hopefully he won’t be the last.

So, to summarise; you can play golf just for the exercise, for the fun of it, or for both reasons like me. Trying too hard to get a good score just ruins the enjoyment for me, so my advice: just get out there, have fun and enjoy the health benefits of playing golf, anyone can do it!

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