Global Healing Day

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By: Blessings Mia

This is it! This is 2012! The year we have been waiting for! The end of the Mayan Calendar’s 5,125 year cycle. The end of the world some people might say. It is the end of the world as we know it and the start of a new consciousness, the Golden Age (more Godly), the Aquarian Age, the beginning of a brand new cycle, a new evolution.

When Cilla Black sang “why do the birds go on singing, why does the sea rush to shore….don’t they know it’s the end of the world…” in the 60’s, she meant something else. When John Lennon sang “Imagine”, he was talking about a brotherhood of man – he was ahead of his time. It is now, more than ever, time to “Imagine” as we are in a different world from the one we once knew.

What is happening? Our lives are being transformed in order to move with this new cosmic frequency. Gaia is speaking to us with hurricanes, floods and earthquakes as we have not always had time to listen and take care of her.

Yesterday I was speaking with someone I know in the street, who is happy to be back in Melbourne. She had been stuck on the 47th floor in Manhattan, New York for 5 days in the recent hurricane, Sandy. There was no electricity (no computers or recharging mobile phones), and no water (no showers). She had managed to save some water for bare necessities beforehand. She said it was like life before we had all the technology. Perhaps now we need to go back to the simple life? Although living without a mobile phone was once normal, is it unimaginable now?

Welcome to the ever present NOW.

On Friday 21st December 2012, the Planetary Healing Artists Association of Australia Inc is organising a “Global Healing Day” event. This will be a free interfaith, multicultural, environmental community event, connecting people from all faiths, beliefs and backgrounds, with a common love for the earth and a common desire for its healing, at this significant time.

The event will feature indigenous presentations, interfaith prayers, healing ceremonies for the earth, music, spiritual and local groups.

We will bring together different faith representatives, spiritual leaders, indigenous elders, artists, environmental and inspirational thinkers. There will be a Wecome to Country and Indigenous Smoke Ceremony; the much loved media personality, Catholic priest, Father Bob; Sikh, Jessiee Kaur Singh, – President of the Women’s Interfaith Network, Commons & recent past President of Green Faith, who has just returned from the Cairns Indigenous Festival; Buddhist Monk, Freeman Trebilcock from the Jamchen Centre located in Balwyn; A representative from the Brahma Kumaris, – all will be offering prayers and meditation for planetary healing to usher in a world of peace and healing for this day of transition.

Other representations are from the Woman’s Interfaith Network Foundation, Multifaith Victoria, Port Phillip Sustainability and Interfaith Networks and faith group representatives from the Baha’i, Buddist, Christian, Confucianism, Hindu, Indigenous, Muslim, Jewish, Shinto, Sikh, Zorastrain organisations. It will be a great opportunity to support healing and change at this special time. Please join us to share and celebrate this unique time of interconnection of so many different groups all joined for the common good of humanity.

There is an invitation for each business, group and/or person in the community to be represented with a white lantern on the day. We will have the Rotunda at Catani Gardens lit up with lanterns, spreading the light, love and healing, with the intention of lighting up the world. Donors for this event have included the Beachcomber Cafe at the foreshore of St Kilda.

We invite all people (of all faiths) who cannot attend physically to spiritually attune with healing intentions for the planet at 10.13pm – 10.20pm (Melbourne’s daylight savings time – 9.13pm GMT) for this global meditation for the planet and humanity.

The Planetary Healing Artists have previous experience of organising two exhibitions and one play with environmental themes presenting our optimistic vision for the future of the planet. These events were included in the St Kilda Festival program with Port Phillip in 2011 & 2012. Our upcoming art exhibition ‘Healing the Bay’ will be held at Gasworks Arts Park, Albert Park, 5th February – 24th February 2013.

If you are aligned to this vision of what is possible and have particular gifts and skills please contact us. There are many opportunities for volunteers to join the team to make this event a memorable one.



In addition, for any further enquires check out our blog for updated news:

Hope to see everyone who can make it on the day there,


Blessings Mia

Founding Member & Convenor

Planetary Healing Artists

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