Giving back to St Kilda

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By Aleah Espanta

Charitable giving is defined as the act of giving money, goods or time to the unfortunate, either directly or by means of a charitable trust or other worthy cause.

For James Hanrahan from Interlex Solutions, giving translates to being generous with his expertise.

And that’s exactly what made him reach out to St Kilda Mums’ founder and CEO Jessica Macpherson.

Established in 2009, St Kilda Mums is a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers that rehome new and pre-loved baby goods and nursery equipment to families in need.

These donations are distributed to families experiencing hardship in Melbourne and surrounding towns through their partnerships with maternal and child health nurses and social service agencies.

“James contacted me out of the blue and said that he wanted to come and have a chat to me. And when he got here, he told me about his personal story, which is very interesting,” Ms Macpherson said.

Back in 2009, Mr Hanrahan was riding high as founder of an IT services company turning over $15 million a year, then a dramatic fall from grace made him reassess everything he thought he knew about building a business.

He hit rock bottom when he only had two suitcases of clothing to his name, and was forced to sleep on the couch of a friend’s share house in Sydney’s Redfern.

“I was scrunching up five-cent coins so I can buy 2 minute noodles,” Mr Hanrahan said.

After learning his lesson the hard way, Mr Hanrahan is in a much better place and chose to give back in a significant way to his local community.

And for Mr Hanrahan, that community is his beloved St Kilda.

“I just love St Kilda so I really wanted to do something to help out,” Mr Hanrahan said.

And since the birth of his daughter, Mr Hanrahan realised how fortunate he is and that there are many families out there that are not so lucky.

“Even when you’ve got lots of money and lots of family support, it made him reflect upon how challenging it would be especially if you’re a single parent or if you had no income or you had some problems that is making it difficult to provide for your children,” Ms Macpherson said.

“So, he just said, what can I do to help?”

And it pretty much snowballed from there.

Mr Hanrahan’s company Interlex Solutions, which is a corporate level IT support service provider for some of the most recognisable businesses in Melbourne and Sydney will be providing St Kilda Mums with much-needed IT services and hardware donation.

They are focused on supporting local based organisation in their fight to create a difference.

“Interlex Solutions said that they would be happy to provide St Kilda Mums with this piece of equipment, free of charge as a donation. That’s a really good example of how a local business can apply their expertise and add an awful lot of value to a charity like ours because we don’t even know what we need. And we don’t even know what we don’t have. We are very grateful for their support.”

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