Gaming of the Future

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By: Paul Webster

For many of us older gamers, we have seen technology grow and it has grown so much so quickly! You can’t help but wonder were video games will be in say ten or twenty years from now, what should we expect? What will be in store for us? Only time will tell, but hopefully this article can provide some insight on the matter.

One of the features, I believe, game consoles will have in the future is holographic display – Images being displayed in the air itself, not on a solid surface, is something that you would expect to see in a sci-fi film, however you’d be surprised to find out that a lot of companies have been working on such technology. The industry giant has been looking for a way to separate itself from its competition and in November 2010 they were granted a patent for holographic displays. So this is one feature that you could very well see in your game consoles, or merely the TV that displays your game, in the future.

Another feature that you can expect to see, that is somewhat obvious, will be smarter AI – AI stands for Artificial Intelligence which, for those that aren’t aware, in video game terms refers to the computer controlled characters you play with or against. This is something that seems far off but when you take a closer look at some of the games out there it has already started to surface. I believe in the next five or so years the AI in games will be able to develop and create their own strategies to defeat you. So this might be the direction gaming will take in the future.

Furthermore, something people should expect to see in a majority of games is having the story and in-game elements rapidly change based on your actions in-game. This already exists but if you’ve ever played such a game you will realise the changes your actions make aren’t that substantial. People will treat you differently, some quests might not be available, and how you approach particular things will be different, but we’ve never seen this on a truly grand scale and I think in later generations we’ll see companies put more money and effort into games trying to achieve this.

One last feature I think should be considered is the battery life in portable consoles. It’s no secret that portable gaming is quickly becoming just as good as the actual consoles we have at home, so we have to look at how the battery life in handheld consoles can be extended, there’s a few theories out there on this: the first is merely having them like they are now but more powerful with the ability to last a lot longer then they currently do, the second is having a device that will wirelessly send power to your handheld console, therefore eliminating a lot of the pressure on the battery.

So that is what I believe we will see in years to come, however only time can really tell us what will happen!

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