Gaming in a World of Trolls and Social Justice Warriors

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By Damilare Williams

You may have heard that “culture is killing comedy”. Now it is killing careers. Recently, Sir Tim Hunt was fired from his position at the University College London for making a clumsy gaff about women being more sensitive than men. The joke was taken out of context and Hunt’s career has been ruined.

The woman who took this joke out of context is being investigated and new evidence has come to light proving Hunt not in fact to be a “condescending sexist pig” though many refuse to acknowledge this new information, as it does not fit their narrative.

Stephen Fry once said that the word offended means nothing. But nowadays a mere few hundred tweets is enough to get a Nobel Prize Winner fired. And with the rise of “safe spaces & trigger warnings” and the slow death of Free Speech on university campuses across the Western World, it is safe to say we live in an age of censorship.

And I wonder: “How do video games fit into this?” The truth is that in their current state they don’t. Video games, as interactive art, have traditionally relied on gameplay value in order to sell. And violence and sex appeal, the most gripping forms of interaction, are the primary go tos.

However as video games as artistic media mature, many have begun to take on the aesthetic of satire or socio-political commentary.

This controversiality, in addition to the depictions of violence and other such acts, has earned the ire of the shrill minority. Other complaints have risen around video game’s representation of minorities. By which they mean, if at any point a woman or minority group representative is placed in a compromising position, the game is automatically a piece of sexist, racist trash which must be: BAND4EVER.

Dubbed “social justice warriors”, they lobby for censorship within gaming. Often using out of context and even fabricated statistics and long debunked arguments as support for their theses. Perpetually ready to play the victim and cry harassment when criticized, often profiting financially from this role.

#GamerGate has been a long and tortuous issue. It is nearly a year since gamers everywhere were forced to take to the trenches of the internet to fight for their hobby. In return the media has given the SJWs, as well as many corrupt games journalists, the right to take large dumps on gamers and gaming.

As a supporter of #GamerGate I can say without a doubt that it is not a hate group made of sexist pigs living in their mums’ basements. It is an extremely diverse movement, made up of some amazing and intelligent folks, many of whom are not even gamers who can see, even from outside of the industry and the fandom, the blatant, incestuous, anti-consumer attitude that grips Gaming.


With any movement there will be radicals, as well as a number of trolls.

While #GamerGate and Twitter, their primary platform, do their best to hunt them down and flood their accounts with Hentai until they cease their harassment, they will always be there.

Gaming is the youngest art form, but is already bigger than music and film combined. All art forms must go through a time where they are hunted and decried by viciously conservative puritans. Sadly, with the case of Gaming, it is now the Progressive Liberals conducting the witch hunts. Gaming has been through this period of strife and tribulation more than once and has survived every time.

It will continue to survive.

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