From Wales to St Kilda

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By Megan

I have never been one for knowing what I want to do with my life. Therefore, moving to Australia once I had graduated from university seemed like the most logical idea I’d ever had. Equipped with a fairly large suitcase, a bag of chocolate roses from my Dad and with a tear in my eye, myself and a friend set off on our big adventure.

We knew that Melbourne was the city that we wanted to live in during our time here, so once we arrived, we instantly started looking for places to live. One fine day; sun shining, birds singing, we set off on a day trip to St Kilda beach – a mystical place we had heard a lot about.

We were instantly in love. The beach, the beautiful sunsets, the easy access to the city and most importantly, the cakes, made us decide there and then that St Kilda was the place we needed to live in. So we started a desperate search for a relatively cheap flat that would lease out to two jobless backpackers for 6 months. Eventually we found one, and were moved in within the week under the promise that we were indeed actively, and rather frantically, searching for employment.

Moving to the other side of the world is a rather daunting thought. And to be fair, I was absolutely terrified. Don’t get me wrong, I was excited. Excited to see Australia, excited to see some sun (we don’t get much of that in Wales, I’ll tell you that) and excited to have an excuse as to why I wasn’t applying for any graduate jobs back home. I took the easy way out. Now I’m here, settled in St Kilda where I’m a ten minute walk from the beach, where I can watch magical sunsets and where I can walk down Acland Street and be (oh so easily) tempted by devious cakes and treats, I don’t know what I was so worried about. I have a job, a flat, and full knowledge of where to get the cheapest wine. What more does a girl want?

I am so happy that we found a home in St Kilda. I’m pretty convinced this place has it all – some of the best brunch places in town. The food over here is something else. I can’t get over how good everything is; the lively and atmospheric bars, a beautiful beach equipped with satin seas and dreamy sunsets and is easy access to some great shopping locations including Melbourne CBD and Chapel Street. Saying that, I shouldn’t even be shopping. I have a flight home to pay for. Well. Do I have to go home really? What will happen if I stay past my visa? Will I get thrown out?

So for the next few months before I start my travels again, and experience some more of this amazing country, St Kilda is my home. And in all sense of the word, it most definitely is the perfect home away from home. You’ve been good to me, St Kilda, I’ll miss you.

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