Free multi-million dollar Wi-Fi service is now available in Melbourne’s CBD

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Melbourne city-goers are now able to access fast, free Wifi with unlimited data at Wi-Fi hotspots across the CBD.


Melbourne Citi Free Wi-Fi and Melbourne Metro Free Wi-Fi (available from selected Melbourne train stations) are currently available in Bourke Street, Russell Street, Swanston Street, Elizabeth Street and Flinders Street Station.


“It’s a win-win. Brands have a new platform to advertise and share their news and messages through measurable and targeted campaigns, and city internet users get online for free,” says Mr Keith Lam, Sales Director at Netbay Internet, the creators of Melbourne Citi Wi-Fi and Melbourne Metro Wi-Fi.


According to Mr Lam, the free Wi-Fi services couldn’t have come at a better time for those needing to go online quickly and cheaply in the world’s most liveable city.


“Demand from Australians to use Wi-Fi hotspots is dramatically increasing year on year,” says Mr Lam.


“While our free services are available around the Melbourne CBD, Melbourne Citi Wi-Fi and Melbourne Metro Wi-Fi can benefit anyone who journeys into town – from workers travelling in from outer and inner suburbs, to tourists, students, shoppers, sports fans, foodies, cultural aficionados, and local residents. On an average weekday in 2016, 891,000 people travelled to, or were present in the Melbourne CBD.


“The free Melbourne Citi Wi-Fi and Melbourne Metro Wi-Fi platform is one of the fastest free Wi-Fi services available in Australia, and offers users unlimited download. This saves them from using their own data which can be quite costly.”


According to Mr Lam, his team undertook extensive research into Wi-Fi hotspot users and says that the free Melbourne Citi Wi-Fi and Melbourne Metro Wi-Fi will be of most benefit to people who use hotspots to supplement internet connections at home, work, the library or school (three million Australian internet users over 18 years use hotspots this way), and people who use it as their main or exclusive internet access point.


While those who use Wi-Fi hotspots to supplement other connections come from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds, Wi-Fi hotspot users in general are more likely to be aged 18 to 44 (69 per cent), employed (74 per cent), tertiary educated (72 per cent), and own an iPhone (90 per cent).


Melbourne Citi Wi-Fi and Melbourne Metro Wi-Fi also plan to offer users special one off offers and localised shopping deals towards the end of 2017. Localised shopping technology is a new trend in online shopping enabling the consumer to search for the best deal available locally.


General Manager of Netbay Pty Ltd Grant Musaphia says, “Convenience is the key. If a shopper is on Swanston Street and they’re searching for Merrell shoes for example, we’ll feed them the latest offer from the Merrell Shoe Store on Collins Street, which is the closest to them, then give them directions to the store.”


From late March 2017, Melbourne Citi Wi-Fi and Melbourne Metro Wi-Fi free Wi-Fi hotspots will expand to Franklin Street, VIC Markets and Spencer Street. At the end of 2017 further expansion will include Southbank and Lygon Street.

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