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By Juli Devine

Seven artists present a diverse exhibition of works referencing the theme of Fragments – of colour, form, texture, layers and light.

This exhibition brings together a variety of disciplines including printmaking, painting, graphic design, photography, costume design and engineering.

Brendan Barker’s art is informed by his former life as an engineer – reassembling irregular pieces of weathered corrugated metal to produce objects that are bold and sumptuously human and meaningful, with a rural Australian influence.

Lea Barker’s work shows fragments of her life and stylistic invention and diversity – works that are individually different, in various mediums, reflecting times and places that have effected and inspired her visually, emotionally and intellectually. Connie Devine’s digital illustration uses texturised vector images that merge amongst detailed Photoshop paintings.

Gary Devine has always believed that pictorial art and music are closely related, in particular the immediacy of improvisation. Observing textures, ‘colours’ and feelings that are ever present, he believes in the accidental and intuitive as an avenue to the individual and original, avoiding blandness and cliché.

Juli Devine’s artworks are a study in resilience and resolution, in meditative paint application that adds textures to a ‘landscaped’, fragmented canvas, vibrating with warm humanity.

Felicity Rose Hardy relies on her extensive experience as a wearable art and textile artist and costume designer to create her unique art. Each work incorporates objects and materials collected by the artist over time because of their unique and curious qualities.

Holly Hawkins, a professional photographer, is using her experience and creativity to show the quality and standard of her commercial work in a setting of greater freedom and expression, in landscapes she has travelled through that have inspired her in recent years.

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