Fly Boarding in St Kilda

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By: Rubal Kharbanda

You would have to be a shaman or a well-connected Brahman to know the art of levitation. It is a magical force that lifts you up in mid-air and leaves you in charge of the balance of your universe for as long as you want. Here is something that has converted all those desires into reality – however, it comes at a price. Every time you lose your balance your world comes crashing down with a big splash, but don’t worry, you will get many chances to play with the laws of physics and fly amok. So line yourself up, as you’re about to experience the Go Fly Board.

From the time you put on the spacesuit until the grand entry into the liquid skies, the goosebumps in high hopes of the first magic flight are aplenty. On your way to the Fly Board, the daunting task of fly boarding seems more like a conspiracy than just playing around with the great white spray. It’s advisable to flap your little flippers to get rid of the nerves if you feel a bit shaky. It is going to leave you in awe!

So, you have memorised the instruction manual and strapped yourself in for take-off., While you wonder what happens next, the friendly guy on the jet-ski is getting ready to turn you in to a Dolphin. Don’t forget to gasp as you slide across the silky smooth waves pretending you are some sort of super hero. As serene as it might sound, water pumping at 400 rpm makes you feel like Aquaman, and you skid on to glory, chopping choppy waves in to a zillion pieces of water. Faster and stronger, you steer across the waves when a celestial voice commands you to fly, like you were born to be a pilot. Good on ya for paying attention during your induction, as you discover yourself hovering like a seagull over the waters at St Kilda beach – Stay up there as long as you want and try out all your moves. Who knows, with your Aquaman powers you might even bring home a mermaid or two. So, show off your somersaults and dolphin dives, because it’s all hunky dory until the seagulls want dinner.

You are probably feeling a bit salty after almost an hour of trickery in the water and need some pampering. Grab yourself a change and head on over to the St Kilda Sea Baths because our friends at Go Fly Board have very kindly gifted you a free entry to the pools. Enjoy the spa and sauna, and make yourself look pretty because there’s a sweetener. Next door at Republica there’s a complementary drink waiting for you to reminisce and have a laugh about the good times. Hang on though, do remember there is an optional video for free that you can take home to watch with others.

I highly recommend Go Fly Board if you like water spots, especially with your mates. Oh, one more thing; you can get an extra special discount by mentioning St Kilda News whilst booking your flight! Just visit

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