Flexicar – A sustainable transport program

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Flexicar is Melbourne’s leading car sharing organisation, the product of a group of Melbourne Uni friends who wanted to drive sometimes, but didn’t want to own a car all the time.

Car sharing is a cost-effective, convenient and sustainable alternative to owning a car. Members join Flexicar to share access to a fleet of more than 140 cars pre-parked in locations around inner-Melbourne. Flexicars are booked online or over the phone for as little as one hour and their membership cards allow direct access to our cars rather than collecting them from distant depots during restrictive office hours.

Flexicar membership is all-inclusive: all the initial, on-road and running costs (fuel, insurance, maintenance, registration etc.) are incorporated into straightforward hourly and daily rates starting from just $9.95 per hour / $65 a day.

Flexicar customers are fee-paying members supporting a sustainable transport program, they are part of a community of like-minded people who enjoy the convenience and cost-effectiveness of having access to cars when they want rather than paying to own one when they don’t.

Car sharing is a growing global practice enabling customers to rent cars for just as long as they require; from one hour up to several days. It also has major benefits such as reducing the number of parking spaces required in a neighbourhood, reducing traffic congestion, encouraging the use of alternative forms of transport like walking, cycling, training and tramming and it reduces the impact on the environment of the production and over-usage of vehicles.

Members of car share services typically live or work in inner city locations where parking is restricted, traffic is heavy and their car use is occasional but regular.

“Car sharing is becoming more and more popular as inner-Melbourne residents and business owners discover they can rent a car by the hour from nearby, on-street, parking spaces, for fixed and all-inclusive rates.” said Gregory Giraud, Flexicar’s General Manager. “It is also a great option for families needing a second car sometimes as well as for businesses as it usually works out cheaper to use Flexicars than using taxis.’

Flexicar is Melbourne’s largest car share operator, and the second largest in Australia. Its fleet across Melbourne is more than 140 vehicles and includes economical Hyundai i30 hatchbacks, well-equipped Elantra sedans, Toyota Corollas hatches, sedans and wagons and Nissan X-Trail SUVs.

Flexicar’s dedicated parking locations are mostly provided by local councils as a joint partnership in encouraging communal vehicle use as a sustainable transport imitative.
For more information about Flexicar membership, fees and locations visit: www.flexicar.com.au

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