Fitzrovia Coffee Review

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 By Mark Lee



2/155 Fitzroy St, St Kilda VIC 3182


1. Rate for Kick!

 4 outa 5 for strength. It’s mostly going to be at least a 4 when you order a double shot. If I wanted a coffee as weak as John Howard’s compassion, I’d go single wouldn’t I.


2. Rate for Flavour

4 outa 5 for flavor. It’s not called ‘Saint’ Ali for nothing. This brew is biblical. 100% Columbian ‘slap in the face’ single origin.


3. Rate for staff.

 4 outa 5 for staff. I received a bottle of water the moment I sat down, nice! And a glass of course. I wasn’t expected to swig from the bottle. That’s the other end of Fitzroy Street.


When I ordered my drink I enquired about the coffee. They had two types of St Ali. A blend and the aforementioned single origin. I asked for a recommendation. My personal coffee trainer advised me to go 100% Columbian, more acidity. She was spot on.

Fitzrovia is a cafe restaurant at the top end of (you guessed it) Fitzroy Street. It’s also a bohemian enclave of London. And the comparisons end there. Unless I see Virginia Woolf or George Bernard Shaw on an adjacent table hoeing into a bacon butty. Which is unlikely.

The interior of Fitzrovia is cool modern glass meets cottage kitchen. Albeit a well equipped one. No mangles or butter churns here. Just hip chef-y types clattering large pots that could easily be converted into steel-pans for carnival.

The fittings lean towards traditional, but not to the extent where I felt compelled to curtesy or tip my invisible homburg at my fellow patrons.

So what did I think of St Ali’s single origin 100% Colombian? Amazing. Full bodied with a strong after taste. A touch on the bitter side with a caramel aroma. Or was that just me? It’s mostly subjective after all. I wonder what the Internet would tell me.

Overall a great brew for Melbourne’s coffee snobs. The cakes on display looked fabulous too. Unfortunately I wasn’t there to review those.


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