Yarra Ranges Get Away – Fishing and the Yarra Ranges

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 By Chris Bonnell
Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced fisher, the Yarra Ranges has something to offer for everyone. With many fishing locations on offer as well as many hidden ones to discover, it’s a great way to experience the Yarra Ranges and catch some of the best freshwater fish on offer. With easy access to the area why not make a day out of it and throw your fishing gear in the car for a great adventure!

One of the most well-known fishing locations in the Yarra Ranges is Lilydale Lake: an artificial wetlands located in the heart of Lilydale, the lake spans an area of 28 hectares with the water coming in at 3 to 4 meters deep. It was drained last year to fight off weeds and restocked with fish mid-2012. The lake’s a great place to bring the family and practice your casting/fly fishing skills. With the main species of fish found within its waters being; rainbow trout, red fin and carp, winter will be a great time to fish as the fish will be trying to warm themselves and will be feeding on small bugs in the shallow and reedy areas of the lake. Scrub worms and power bait are an ideal bait to use in these waters, with a 7ft rod, 20lb mono line, small light weight hook and float. Entry to the lake is free and so is parking.

Another great fishing spot is the old Woori Yallock bridge: it’s a great place to fish, hang out with a few mates and have a beer while casting a line downstream or throwing in a yabbie net (opera house nets are not permitted in Victorian waters).Most fish caught in the waters here are; trout, carp, and short finned eel. Throughout the day the stream is mostly shallow with a mud and pebble bottom, so it’s best to take some time to choose a spot as there are also lots of overhanging trees and branches to get snagged on. This is a relaxing spot to fish as it is quiet with very little disturbance, there is parking available on the right side of the bridge.

Sugarloaf Reservoir is also a wonderful place to fish: Tucked away in the Christmas hills, Sugarloaf is by far the biggest offer there is in the Yarra Ranges; it’s quiet, has a large picnic area with barbeque facilities, and a walking track surrounds the entire reservoir, making it a perfect setting for some fishing. The main species of fish in its waters are: redfin, European carp and yellow belly. Sugarloaf is a great place to take the family for a great day out to do a spot of fishing, bird watching or just for a stroll around the walking track. Sugarloaf Reservoir is open from 8:30am to 7:00pm.

Before you enjoy the fantastic fishing opportunities that the Yarra Ranges has on offer, remember to check the rules and regulations before casting your line, know the bag limits, and remember to buy a fishing licence, to help preserve fishing for other generations to come.

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