First you need to promote your destination…

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…then your product.

By Louise Hudson, St Kilda Tourism Association

That’s the advice from Tourism Australia when tackling the age old problem of how to get people to visit your destination.

Most small businesses are resource poor, with minimal employees, maximum stakeholders, and relatively tight budgets to support their marketing plans. How do we make our dollar go further and promote St Kilda to the international, national and local visitors?

The answer is by working together.

Contrary to popular belief, tourism isn’t just about people from overseas visiting our big traditional landmarks. For St Kilda, it’s about people from up the road, or across the globe coming here to enjoy a uniquely Victorian experience.

Tourism grows when business, community and government work together.

Tourism is traditionally dominated by small business. The only way to get the story out to consumers is to work together and share the costs. The more people know about a destination, the more they see, the more they spend and the more they tell their friends about it.

We all have a role to play; whether it is advocating on behalf of the visitor experience, making sure people who come to St Kilda feel welcome, participating in co-operative marketing or ensuring that our products and services are second to none. We can do this by communicating the value of tourism to our own employees, our communities and our friends. By creating ownership of tourism in our community we can all share the benefits.

St Kilda Tourism’s membership program

The outlook within the team at St Kilda Tourism is optimistic. We have set a cracking pace for 2015; we’ve launched the St Kilda Visitor Info Kombi, created strong partnerships within the tourism industry and recently launched our new membership program. The program allows you to reach Melbourne, regional Victoria and international visitors to promote your business, and gives you access to business website profile, ability to list your events and specials on the site, discounted rates in promotional materials, access and promotion via the ‘Visit St Kilda’ social media platforms, opportunities to participate in cooperative destination marketing campaigns, access to the St Kilda Visitor Info Kombi and it’s volunteer program and loads more*.

If you are interested in finding out more contact St Kilda Tourism at

Find us @VisitStkilda and

*Benefits vary by Membership Package selected.

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