Fire Services Property Levy

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Property owners will see a Fire Services Property Levy (FSPL) on their 2013/14 annual council rates notices due to be issued in the first week of August.

The Levy is collected on behalf of the state government to support Victoria’s fire services and does not form part of Council revenue. It was previously paid on top of home insurance premiums.

Collection by Councils was a recommendation of the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission to make the system fairer by ensuring all property owners fund the service, not just those who pay for insurance.

The FSPL is legislated by the Victorian Government and will be based on a fixed charge of $100 for residential properties or $200 for non-residential properties, plus a variable cost calculated on the property’s capital improved value. A $50 rebate will be applied automatically to all eligible pensioners.

The FSPL applies to all property owners. Therefore, charitable and other organisations that own properties which are not subject to council rates will be receiving a rate notice for the first time consisting of only the FSPL.

For more information, visit If you have any queries that relate to charges on your insurance premium contact your insurance company, or the Fire Services Property Levy Monitor on 1300 300 635 or


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