Finally a café for everyone… Capitan Fracassa

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The latest in Chef/Owner Tony Zama’s hospitality ventures “Capitan Fracassa Cafe” is a fresh take on a cafe south of the river, bringing the hip Fitzroy/Brunswick vibe down to Carlisle street, Balaclava, an area that is growing in popularity for culinary enthusiasts. Even though the menu and atmosphere is edgy and modern, it leaves plenty of room to accommodate for families young and old, and even the more traditional tastes. Prior to this cafe Tony owned and operated a more traditional Italian family oriented restaurant in WA, which in the 4 or so years of operations managed to recruit a strong following as he served some of the more traditional Italian foods coupled with a warm and friendly atmosphere than carries through to his latest venture.

The idea behind the cafe originates from the book on which the name of the cafe is based, where basically a leader of a street theatre company provides entertainment for those people that could not afford it. That is essentially the driving concept that brought this cafe about; it was all about providing a service that seemed in heavy demand this side of the river. With a vegan older son (22) and a vegetarian younger son (15), Tony constructed a menu that was respective of his offspring’s choices and that also included his Italian heritage as well as minting his feet firmly planted in a cafe style food rather than reverting to a restaurant style feel. Tony is dedicated to providing patrons with the very best dining experience using as close to 100% locally sourced produce and crafting dishes with full use of his 30+ years of hospitality experience. So whether guests are Vegan, GF, Vegetarian or Omnivore, there are plenty of options to choose from on this comprehensive menu and don’t be afraid to ask for any more special requests as the cafe is friendly towards most allergies and intolerances.

The Breakfast List offers classic dishes like big breakfasts and eggs on toast, but also extends itself to vegan big breakfasts which include varieties of scrambled tofus to gluten free buckwheat pancakes and American style breakfast burritos.

The Lunch Menu ranges from scrumptious, healthy salads made with a variety of dressings like a homemade vegan pesto to more traditional sandwiches and invigorating twists to classic dishes like burgers and lasagnas (see the new menu for the incredible new Vegan/GF lasagna). Nothing is over 20 dollars, including the fully GF vegan menus which boasts dishes such as zucchini spaghetti in a rich tomato sauce and a huge chickpea burger. So there will truly be no splitting hairs when it comes to finding a place to eat any day of the week as they are also open on the weekend.

To plan your Birthday, Party, Work Function or any other celebration, give Tony the opportunity to create a delicious feast for you!

Tony’s business model is and has always been: “Come in as a customer and leave as a friend”, so what’s stopping you from seeing what the new kid on the block has to offer?


Capitan Fracassa Café

115 Carlisle St, Balaclava

Now Open Breakfast & Lunch 8am to 3pm, Sunday brunch from 11am

Ph: 9531 3527 for reservations

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