Fight for your life

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By Maree Cowan

When you feel black and nothing makes sense as the demons of depression have taken control and left you possessed, one thing is certain, depression gains power by making us weak. Don’t be mistaken this is war if you take it lying down they are sure to win so gather all your strength and let the battle begin.

It may seem impossible to fight the demons without your mind on your side but one powerful defense you have, that they can’t take away, is your ‘self belief’. A tiny seed is all that you need to one day become a magnificent tree. Find your ‘self belief’ no matter how small, if you feel you have none borrow it from your past or even a friend, know it’s your only way out the only weapon you have to fight for your life.

With ‘self belief’ in your heart take your first step the hardest by far, walk out the door to the world outside. A small journey is all that you need to feel the sunlight and breathe the fresh air. Away from your comfort zone expect to feel some pain and some fear. Walk through it all knowing each journey will be easier than the one before.

If people in your path are too much to bear don’t let that stop you, put on sunglasses, wear a hat, have some music in your ears. With each step you take walk as fast as you can for that’s your fight that’s how you will win back your life.

In time you will be rewarded with endorphins a gift to your system a natural high. The sunlight streaming into your eyes will lift your spirits, that’s your other prize. The demons will weaken as you become strong for courage is a muscle that conquers fear the more you use it the braver you get. When you lie in bed at night know you are brave for it takes mountains of courage and discipline to walk everyday. Now you can sleep a little sounder feel a little lighter; the warrior who fights for life.


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